Fun Facts about World Wonders

World wonders are the highest achievements of human creativity and human invention. They are so unique that most people will atleast dream to see one of them in the flesh.

World wonders are a things that keep changing since there are so many wonders on this earth. They have to be voted in and sometimes their beauty fades because of time or human activity. Here are a few facts about the world wonders that were and are.

Mount Everest is known as the sommet of the earth, the most treacherous mountain with the highest peak. But there is a time of the year where it is surpassed by it’s neighbour K2. During the spring, because of the heavy rain on the k2 area, k2’s peak because higher than Everest itself but this lasts only a few weeks every year.

The Taj Mahal, one of the most beautiful structures made by man and certainly the most beautiful in the east. The Taj Mahal was built as a tomb for a queen by his king. A sad structure but it has brought happiness to many who’ve seen it. In 1830 the taj mahal was scheduled to be demolished but after many attempts it eventually failed. Many believe this to be only a myth and not actually a true statement. But even in recent times there have been some murmurs of the demolition of taj mahal by some Indian Ministers.

The Niagara falls is one of the most astonishing sites in the Northern hemisphere. It falls short of being the tallest in the continent to the Angels Falls and not by a small margin. Angel Falls is nearly 20 times larger than Niagara. Truly a site to see. The Angel Falls is given the name after the US aviator, Jimmy Angels who was the first person to fly over it. His ashes were spread over the mighty waterfall. A while later, former president Hugo Chavez was about to change the name to something more indeginious but decidied against it.

The San Diego zoo isn’t just like any other zoo. It is a modern wonder in it’s own right.It was the first zoo to remove cages and install open door inhibitations for it’s animals. It also has the largest collection of animals for any zoo. Also for a long time the zoo was free for children under 16 which is no longer possible due to the zoo’s incredible popularity.

Talking of modern marvels, the Empire State building was one of the most expansive buildings ever, it costed 40 million in 1931 when it was first completed. It was made by more than 10 million bricks.

Top 3 Upcoming Superhero Movies

There was a time where superhero movies were only for the fan’s of the comic but now things have changed. In today’s superhero movie you get everything you would want from a popcorn action flick without needing to be a huge fan of the series. Also the fact that superhero movies have become some of the most successful movies of the last decade helps in their proliferation. Aside from the obvious adaptions such as Spiderman, Superman and all the other big names. We get a few lesser known ones such as Antman and Deadpool. Here are a few superhero movies coming out relatively soon.

This is the superhero made for the big screen, he is funny, self indulging and a bag full of energy. The fact that he breaks the fourth wall for a superhero is a pretty big deal, it’s going to be interesting how they deal with that in the movie. If you didn’t know the movie is still in production and might come out sometime in 2014. Unfortunately, Ryan Reynolds is the star as Deadpool, he failed miserably as the Green Lantern. Yes the script was bad but Reynolds did nothing to make it better. Despite Deadpool having lots of potential as comedy action flick, it should be approached with caution since Reynold has never been comedic or action oriented as an actor.

The Avengers 2

Let’s face The Avengers was one of the most exciting movies ever. It was so well paced and was great all around except maybe the plot. With Joss Whedon at the helm you can expect it to get better and keep that same faithfulness to the original Avengers series. Avengers 2 doesn’t need to change much but the addition of new heroes is obvious and new main villain since Loki is one of the least interesting villains in the entire Marvel catalogue. Avengers 2 will truly be bigger and better.

Kick-Ass 2

The self made superhero returns. Despite not having the craziness of other superhero movies the original Kick-Ass delivered some really emotional feelings something which most big badass action movies fail to do. The sequel will have the two main superheroes from the original, Kick -Ass and Hitgirl. Most of the main characters are kids or young adults but with one exception as there is a goofy adult with them. Nicholas Cage previously had this role but the torch has been passed to Jim Carrey. To say the least, Jim knows how to play goofy. With or without the big cinematic action setpieces, Kick-Ass 2 is definitely one of the most awaited superhero movie to come in a long time.

5 Signs You’re Addicted to Your Cell Phone

It seems like everywhere I go, half the people I see are either talking on their cell phone or sending text messages. It’s even more popular than teenagers and earphones. I don’t think I’ve walked into a store in years without running into at least one person who has a cell phone glued to his or her ear; and it must be glued, because it never seems to come off!

Constant Distraction

Do you go out with your family or friends and spend half the night texting or talking to other people? Are you constantly thinking about surfing the mobile web for a new Moves Like Jagger ringtone? Do you worry about your Words with Friends games? If you can’t enjoy the company of the people you’re with because you are constantly getting distracted by your cell phone, it’s a sign that you need to turn the phone off for a while and jump back into reality. And, honestly, why go out with people if you’re not really spending time with them?

The Facebook Connection

Do you send out more than five Facebook mobile updates per day? I know that exciting things happen and you can’t wait to tell your Facebook friends about them, but you should be able to limit your mobile updates to important events. If you’re updating Facebook several times throughout the day about trivial things, you are either extremely bored or you’re addicted to the powerful combination of Facebook and mobile Internet access. It’s time to disconnect!


Do you go through new phones faster than children grow out of clothes? New models come out all the time, but do you really need the latest and greatest features as soon as they come out? Additionally, phones aren’t cheap. Is having the latest version of the Droid OS really worth plunking down a few hundred dollars when you already have a perfectly functioning cell phone that meets your needs?

Not Paying Bills

Do you prioritize your cell phone higher than essential bills? If you’re getting behind on things like utility bills or rent because you have to pay an outrageously high cell phone bill then you are in definite trouble. Cell phones have a rightful place in most peoples’ lives, but they shouldn’t overshadow your responsibilities. Don’t let yourself fall into the trap of thinking a cell phone is an absolute necessity, and even if you insist that it is, you shouldn’t let it blow your budget. Before you know it, you’ll be one of those people everyone is making fun of – or acting exasperated at – as you stand in line at the soup kitchen while talking on your iPhone!


Do you drop everything you’re doing – even if it’s important – every time your cell phone beeps with a new message? If you are sitting at your desk working, you should be able to wait until an appropriate time to check your messages. Even if you are a stay at home parent, you shouldn’t say things to your kids like, “I’ll be right there honey just as soon as I answer this message.” It’s not healthy when you jump out of your seat every time your phone beeps.

If you exhibit any or all of these sign, I assure you that I’m not making fun of you. Many people honestly aren’t aware of how much influence their cell phone has over their lives. Cell phones are fun and useful, but using one shouldn’t be your number one priority. It’s just as easy to get addicted to your cell phone as it is any other type of entertainment.

What is a Forklift?

Forklifts have come a long way since their initial debut in the late 1800’s. Clark Transmission Manufacturing Company is credited with developing a forklift which was able to move its own heavy automobile parts. Back in 1917 the forerunner of the seated counterbalanced truck was called the “truck tractor”. Since such time, forklifts have continued to play a part in easing the manual labor needed in lifting and transporting heavy items.

The forklift is the backbone of the material handling and equipment industry and could unquestionably be one of the most well-known pieces of equipment the industry uses. Forklift trucks get their name from the forklike mechanism on the front end which picks up heavy pallets and transports such to any desired location. The ability of one forklift to lift tons of material at any given time makes the forklift indispensable for industrial use.

The Forklift’s Evolution

Initially the forklift was nothing more than hoists comprised of chains and winches. That design gave way to platform trucks which then gave way to platform trucks with electronic motors and batteries. All these early models were simple in design. It was a great achievement when the forks lifted a load just a few inches off the ground.

Enter World War II

Forklifts were really able to fill a demand during the years when World War II was in full swing. There was a short supply of man-power but no labor shortage thanks to the forklift. After the war was over the forklift continued to improve and maintain its popularity.

The 1950’s

By the 1950’s a new demand for forklifts was created as the need to store items began to take off. Warehouses were in huge demand and as warehouses began storing more and more material vertically; bigger and better forklifts with the ability to stretch high into the sky were marketed. Forklifts could now reach fifty feet above the ground and this ability helped to revolutionize the warehousing industry.

Narrow Aisle Reach Trucks

Stacking and moving items as quickly and safely as possible was imperative to warehousing success. Early in 1950 Raymond Corporation introduced the first narrow aisle reach truck, which was able to travel down very narrow aisles more efficiently than ever before. Now commonplace, back in the 1950’s these sleeker trucks were revolutionary.

Rounding out the modernization observed in the 1950’s was the first battery powered warehouse and pallet trucks courtesy of Lewis-Sheppard and Crown Equipment. Names that would become synonymous with the forklift were growing during those prosperous times.

1960 through 1980

A needed improvement to these industrial trucks became necessary as lifting heights increased. The name of the game became safety and standardization. Electronic controls, and standardized safety design helped avert many accidents that would have occurred if forklifts remained unbalanced thus tipping uncontrollably.

The 1970’s brought refinements in engine and motor controls. Followed by the 1980’s and the influx of foreign manufacturers:

Daewoo of Korea
Industry Leaders

Other big names and industry leaders in the modernization and safety of forklift trucks include: Toyota Material Handling, Yale Materials Handling Corporation, Arnold Machinery Company, and the Hyster Company.

Special mention should be made of the Cascade Corporation for developing the barrel clamp forklift in 1960. Carrying barrels more quickly and safely was an obvious advantage to this particular lifting device.

Forklifts Go Green

Presently, green eco-friendly forklifts are on the horizon. The hydrogen fuel cell powered forklift is in the design phase. Toyota contributed the first electric forklift in 1974. Forklifts can be found using varied power sources:

Battery powered
Compressed natural gas
Forklifts of 2012

Today the forklift is ergonomically designed and styled for the workforce that depends on it. Compared to the old tractor lift platform models, the current models are a far cry from the original concept. Interfacing with cargo management systems routinely takes place with the modern forklift and its high-tech capabilities.

Forklifts have come a long way and are safer and more energy efficient than ever before. As the main power supply behind the need to lift and store heavy items, forklifts are here to stay. As long as our society needs space for shipping, storing, or transporting material, forklift operators will be in demand. For forklift certification check following site.

Bad Breath Cures

Some people have bad breath 24/7, this is not for those people. This for people who have bad breath at times even if they brush it comes back after a few hours. Imagine being next to your girlfriend’s father and coming close to him to talk about your future. But all he can think about is your horrifying breath.

I will give you 3 tips on how to fix bad breath quickly. Want to get rid of bad breath in restaurant with a special friend, yes there are ways to fix this swiftly.

Tip # 1: Keep your mouth wet, if your mouth get’s dry easily which happens to a lot of people. There is a very easy way to fix this, drink some liquor.  But for some people the mouth keeps getting dry so that fix doesn’t work. If you’re at home or at restaurant, get a lemon and squeeze all the juice in your mouth. The acid keeps your mouth moist and undry.

Tip# 2: This one is effective in restaurants especially. If you sense that your breath is atrocious, ask the waiter for a dish with parsley, ginger, basil or mint. Those things are great combatants of bad breath.

Tip# 3: Ask for a small packet of salt, put it in your pocket without anyone noticing. Tell your party that you need to use the washroom, gorge a bit of water and then pour the salt in your mouth. Gargle it till you think it has done it’s job. Remember hot water and salt is good combo to defeat bacteria in the mouth.

Fun Facts About Ghana

The big country on the west coast of North Africa is a very interesting country that has many interesting cultures and customs. The area it’s situated is called the bulge. Here are some interesting facts about it.

  • Ghana is a big country but not the biggest in Africa, it is around the size of Great Britain or the same size of Oregon.
  • Most of the country is full of flat lands or dry lands in the center. The country lies 150m above sea level but some areas of the country peak over 800m.
  • The country achieved independence from the UK in 1957.
  • Independence day is the 6th of March
  • It has a tropical weather which stays like that for most of time in the year.
  • The highest temperature goes up to 37Celsius.
  • The motto of the country is “Freedom and Justice”.
  • The population is near 20million and most of the population live near Accra which is the capital. There are some other major urban cities but just a few.
  • More than 70dialects are present in the country, making communication a bit weird and hard.
  • There are three major religion in Ghana, Christians being the majority, Islam is the second most practiced religion and there are few animists.
  • Ghana is one of the African country which had Europeans for a longtime, since the 1400s.

Fun Facts About The Ivory Coast

The Ivory Coast is a country in the West Coast of the African continent, it has Ghana to it’s east, Burkina Faso to it’s northeast, Liberia to it’s southwest, Guinea to it’s northwest and Mali to it’s north. Mali and Burkina Faso are the only ones it has trade relations with. The country is known for it’s Ivory and Cocoa, so here are some ore facts about it.

  • Before The Ivory Coast became a french colony it was separated into three regions Gyaaman, Kong Empire and Baoulé.
  • Still to this day the country is mostly composed by these ethnics.
  • The country still holds ties with France, who formerly controlled it.
  • The country has a debt of 13 billion because of all the political crises it went through.
  • Most people in the Ivory Coast live near the beaches and coastlines of the country, while some live in the forested areas.
  • 17 million people live in the Ivory Coast, with birth average of 4 per women and literacy rate of over 50% .
  • French is the official language but there are many local dialects.
  • Cannabis is the most common drug in the Ivory Coast, though to be a gift by the gods, only thought by the locals.
  • The Ivory has three different seasons, temperature don’t vary to much but the humidity does a lot.
  • There are three major beliefs, Catholic, Muslim and native religions.
  • The Ivory Coast is among the world’s largest producers of cocoa, coffee beans and palm oil.
  • The Ivory Coast is known to be a country that loves Soccer, this can be seen by it’s great soccer team that has reached the world cup twice in recent years.
  • Abidjan is where most countries hold their embassies, it’s the most famous and tourist attractive city of the Ivory Coast because it has tons of beach and festivals.
  • But the capital is Yamoussoukro, which is more up north and in the center of the country.

There are many other fun facts about the Ivory Coast but these are the most interesting ones, you can always visit the embassy of the country in your country and find out more about it.

Why is a black cat crossing your path “bad luck”?

If you believe in such superstitions you actually believe in witchcraft. For those who haven’t heard the superstition, it goes like this, if a black cat crosses your path it gives you bad luck. And if it’s done in a Friday the 13 it can give you even worse luck. The legend came to be in 1560s, in England, a father and son threw stones at a black cat who scared them in the night. The cat ran limping away inside a suspected witch’s house. The next day the suspected women was all bruised up and limping. So people actually started to believe that cats were witches and started to burn all suspected witches. Executions of innocent women continued till the 17th century.

From 1400s to the 1700s are 400,000 innocent women were murdered, executed because of this mass hysteria.

Why was the Rubik Cube created?

In 1980, Rubik’s Cube became as popular as anything in the world when it was created. It could be compared to Barbie as one of the most successful toys ever created. The Rubik’s Cube was created by an Hungarian inventor Professor Erno Rubik, he had created the cube for a mathematical purpose, it would be used by his students to solves problems and etc… After realizing that his students found a lots of fun and that it could potentially be sold as a toy came to him as an idea. Not only was the idea amazing, it was uber amazing, it sold 2 million units alone in Hungary. So only one could have imagined what kind of bomb it would have been in much larger countries, which it was. Introducing it to the West world, made Erno the first self made communist millionaire. Another great thing to note of his feat is that he became rich really quickly something that doesn’t occur often.

The Rubik has forty three quintillion configurations, which is a really big figure, writing it out could take some time in real life. 43,252,003,274,489,856,000

Why are nightgowns called “Pyjamas”?

Nightclothes and nightgowns first appeared  as a loose-fitting cloth, full length unisex. Their creation was done in the 18th century, the negligee took the form of a lounging garment for women, while long loose pants and long loose shirt called Pyjamas replaced long gowns for men. Pyjies were designed after harem pants from Iran, that is why the word is composed of Iranian words. Pae: means leg in Persian and Jama means clothing.

Some theories suggest that the word comes from the Hindi language, during the reign of Briton in India. They were introduced to the British civilization in the 17th century.