Amazing Facts About Fruits

Fruits are one of the most important part of our diet. Knowing what they do and what benefits they bring is a great asset for anyone. They are somethings about fruits we do not know or at least we think we do but we don’t. Here are some little known facts about fruits.

Tomatoes are often thought to be a vegetable by the general consensus of the population but this is not true. Factually speaking tomatoes are fruits. The confusion arises because of cooks and scientists disagree with each other. Cooks treat tomato as a vegetable as it is used like on in many meals but scientist see it as a fruit as it biological is similar to one.

A lemon has more sugar than a strawberry or an orange. Lemons have 70% of sugar and strawberries only have 40%. This is weird because if one would go by the taste, you could assume strawberry is definitely more sugar filled.

If you’ve ever wondered why do you feel so hydrated after eating a cucumber, its because a cucumber is over 90% consisted of water.

If you have iron deficiency you should eat an orange with a meal that has iron. Orange is one of the best fruits to help absorb iron.

Avocado’s are a great addition to any tortilla but if your doing a diet or trying to keep low calories avocado’s might not be for you since they are the fruit with the largest amount of calories.

Bananas are one of the few fruits that don’t grow on trees.

Another interesting fact about Banana’s they are the most eaten fruit in North America. One would guess it would between the apple, orange or banana.

If you are eating pineapples, there is a good chance it is from Hawaii as 75% of the world’s pineapples are grown there.

One last fun fact, grapes explode when you put them in the microwave, no normal person should know that.

Little Known Facts about Candida Yeast Infections

Have you ever heard of Candida? It’s a small word but the organism can have a world of impact on those who are suffering from an overgrowth infection. Candida, in short, is a naturally occurring yeast/fungus that lives in the body, just like yo have good bacteria. When the balance of yeast and bacteria becomes messed up, and the Candida organism can flourish and cause a wide variety of health complications. Here are some things you probably didn’t know about yeast and the human body.

Everyone Can Suffer from Yeast Infections

There is a misconception that only women can suffer from yeast infections. This isn’t true – at all. While women most commonly suffer from the vaginal variety, there are a ton of other fungal infections caused by Candida as well. These include jock itch, athlete’s foot, oral thrush, and ringworm. This means Candida can affect men and woman of all ages – even babies. According to the CDC, “Candida yeasts normally live ion the skin and mucous membranes without causing infection; however, overgrowth of these organisms can cause symptoms to develop.”

You Can’t “Catch” Candida, but Antibiotics Make it Worse

The Candida organism lives within your body, so you can’t technically “catch” the condition from others. You can usually catch simple fungal skin irritations from others, but Candidiasis, or the systemic overgrowth, is caused by your own health (or lack thereof). According to research on Body and Health on, “The leading cause is the overuse of antibiotics. Yeast must compete for the right to live on us with various other organisms, many of them bacteria.” When we take too many antibiotics, the bacteria can’t continue to fight the levels of yeast in and on the body

Doctors Tend to Mess Up the Diagnosis

That’s not encouraging, is it? Believe it or not, if you don’t have one of the forms of Candida mentioned above, but have a more serious systemic infection, you’ll probably find yourself misdiagnosed at least once. According to Dr. Eric Bakker, there are two main reasons for this happening. The first is the growth of the pharmaceutical industry and the second is the way the symptoms of chronic Candida mimic other major conditions.

Sugar Doesn’t Cause Candida

There are some people out there who will tell you that sugar causes Candida infections. While sugar doesn’t have to cause Candida, per say, it definitely contributes to the ability of the Candida organism to thrive. If you are a healthy person, eating fruit and the occasional sweet treat probably won’t make much of a difference. If you’re already immune compromised, diabetic, or suffering from some other illness, the increased sugar in your bloodstream will certainly make things more difficult to handle.

candida yeast

Candida and Fibromyalgia, CFS, and IBS

Not everyone with fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, or IBS will have Candida, but quite a few actually do. According to Jacob Teitelbaum, MD, if you have one of these conditions “You probably have an overgrowth of yeast or Candida. Though poorly understood by most physicians, treating this underlying infection can have profound health benefits.” As a matter of fact, treating your Candida with a natural diet and anti-fungal medications, like the plan outlined in Eric Bakker’s Candida Crusher book suggests, you should not only start to feel better but may experience complete relief from these debilitating conditions.

Acute Conditions often Hide Chronic Conditions

If you suffer from frequent fungal conditions, like vaginal yeast infections or even athlete’s foot, you may need to take a step back and consider your treatment methods. Those who have a one-time problem can usually treat themselves with OTC medications and go about their lives. Those who are plagued with the same infection over and over again need to consider the common threads. Are you constantly taking antibiotics? Do you drink a lot of alcohol? Do you live a stressful life? All of these things can contribute to an imbalance in your body’s homeostasis, allowing yeast to flourish.

Alcohol is a Huge Culprit

While you may not want to hear it, it’s definitely true. The consumption of alcohol plays a huge role in the way Candida is allowed to grow and flourish in your body. According to Dr. Bakker, “The more resistant the patient is in wanting to give up alcohol entirely (and I absolutely mean 100%) for at least 4 months to allow the digestive system to fully recover, the more likely it will be the alcohol is a major causative factor, and is continuing to underpin the yeast condition.” This doesn’t mean you’ll never be able to enjoy a drink again in your life, but if you’re seriously suffering, you’re going to have to give it up for a while.

At the end of the day, you can’t avoid the Candida yeast organism 100%. You’re living with it right now. What you can do is take action to make sure you’re keeping your body and health in balance; and talk to doctor sooner rather than later if you experience odd symptoms. The sooner you start to treat a Candida yeast infection, the better off you’ll be.

Getting Better Cardio with Running

In the last decade the thought of personal fitness has arisen in nearly every country. Before that it was never really mainstream to talk about working, most people did sports or didn’t. But in the last decade this has greatly changed, with fitness gyms and martial arts gyms opening in every country in the world. Taking care of your personal health has become one of the top priorities of a person in our world. This mainly because of the advent of new diseases and society becoming generally less active. With the immergence of technology humans have jobs that require less and less manual labor. Working out can be anything from yoga to strength training to any sport.  But one of the easiest ways to get fit and be rid of most disease is be in good cardiovascular shape. A good body needs a good heart. Good cardio is not easy to come by but a good running routine can help massively.

One thing about running is that it’s easy, if you’ve been alive for long enough you probably know how to run properly. Of course there is a form and shape to running but it’s very instinctive and simple. On the equipment side you only need some loose clothes and good running shoes. For the clothes you might want to wear something made out of a really light fabric, that lets the wind breeze in and not absorb the sunlight. Cotton is one nono for running; it really makes a difference during a hot, humid day. Nike’s track & field shirt are great for running and have good durability. For shoes you might want regular running sneakers but there has recently been a popular alternative the vibram foot shoes. There is even an optionWhich are made scientifically to avoid foot injuries. They are also lighter than any regular running sneakers which make for easier runs. Socks are also important, here we must also avoid the cotton, something made out of polyester is recommended. Back to running, running burns the most calories per minute than any other activity other than a high intensity workout. Best way to get into running is joining a local marathon(place doesn’t matter) or just going on runs by yourself. Those were some tips on running.

Fastest way to get a slim stomach

Many people say that losing weight is one of the hardest things to achieve with your body but that is not entirely true, gaining weight and losing weight can be hard for a certain body type but one thing that is just generally hard to get rid off is a belly. A fat belly is not considered attractive but it also sticks out which is unfortunate and disturbing. Losing a sticking out belly is not entirely an easy thing as stated earlier but can be achieved by doing certain things and avoiding certain things.

Things to do and not to do

Sleeping less can lead to a fat belly mostly because staying awake will lead more ghrelin production in your body which will lead you to starvation and compulsion eating. Also sleeping less can unbalance your hormonal system. Obviously eating healthy is a good suggestion. Some things that are generally always considered good despite the trend of health industry being very bipolar are the following, fish, green vegetables and fruits. If you already have a good diet and still get a belly, you might want to try going vegetarian for less protein and carbs in your diet. Although remember that proteins are alot easier to burn than carbs. But starving yourself is not the answer but quite actually the opposite, eating less than your needs will also give you a belly. Eating more can be actually benefit if you train most days of the week. Staying motivated and keep a steady workout routine will also help you out. Especially a workout that covers the cardiovascular, strength and endurance. Some out of the regular exercises include breathing exercises which are very common for stress relief but work fine for body relaxation in general which will help your body lose or gain weight. Vitamin C is also an effective way to produce carnitine which is a compound that helps you burn fat. Thus Vitamin C pills can be a fat burning machine for you. Also it is perfectly safe to take 4-5 vitamin c pills per day. Some folks will tell you ab exercises are the best way to get rid of a fat belly but that is far from the truth. Ab exercises only will strength the bottom abdominal parts of your body rather than removing the fat. But light exercises slightly throughout the day will help you if you don’t do a full workout. Something simple as taking long walks and doing some planks will be fine.

What is the Caveman diet?

In recent years with the rise of the conscience of health among our civilization new diets have constantly appeared in popular media and the scientific community. Many have omce and gone like the wind, but some which have lasted have proved that they are proven and effectual.  Among those few is the caveman diet, also known as “The Paleo Diet” it has been tested time and time again by health researches and diet organizations but has been proven to be a all around healthy diet. Here are a few facts about this diet.

The Gastroenterologist Walter L. Voegtlin was the first to suggest that a caveman like diet would be beneficial for humans in the modern era. The paleo diet was based on what our ancesters ate during the Palaeolithic era in which they ate only raw meat and wild plants. He also noticed our modern diets had created many digestive problems which were previously never present. He concluded this had occurred due to the prominence of agriculture which had largely altered our diet. In the following years since 1975, many other researchers and health practitioners came out to advocate for this diet. Many other links were found between the declines of the paleo diet, the rise of a more agriculture based foods and rise of more serious diseases. Before that the majority of diseases were contracted from something extern but after agriculture it was more intern. It was what we ate, since humans were used to meat, wild plants and not wheat & corn. This was a major problem for our digestive systems which were used to the other stuff, now we started eating things that we were never meant. This created many new diseases and changed our whole lifestyle. Since then the paleo diet has returned but not in a grand fashion, medical surveys have shown that it’s one the least practiced diets in the world. There might be one simple reason for this. Many diets are made for a certain illness such as low carb for obesity and ketogenic for epilepsy; hence they are always going to be more practiced since ill people have more reason to change their diets than regular people, which the caveman diet would significantly help. The caveman diet is simple. It consists of these things of fish, grass-fed pasture raised meats, eggs, vegetables, fruit, fungi and many more. Just think of anything you can hunt or gather by yourself that is edible that should be pretty much “paleo”

The Low Carb Diet

People often wonder which diets are truly beneficial and which are just based unsupported researches. The truth is what the health centers and organizations consider healthy food changes every week, with new research coming up and being debunked soon after, this cycle happens ever so often. To truly know what diets are good, you have to go with the big ones which have been a mainstay of healthy diets for a long time. Not only that but many researches have been done to prove their worth because of that large mainstay in the media unlike diets that come and go without anyone proving them or disproving them. Here is one of them.

The Low Carb Diet

One thing to know about the low carb diet is that it only works on people who are largely affected by carbs. First of what are carbs? Carbs stand for carbohydrate, which is an organic compound that consists of three elements, carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. Foods which contain large amounts of carbs are anything made with wheat, fruits and other. Back to the diet, the low carb diet will work mostly on people who are affected too much by carbs. This diet is the number one diet for overweight people and those with obesity. Though the diet can also heal troubles with the heart, metabolic syndrome, epilepsy and etc. There were some who believed that doing physically demanding actions with this diet would be not effective but that has been disproven with researches showing that inuits lead a hard physical life with a largely low carb diet. So what do you eat with this diet? Foods with high fat such as meat, poultry, fish, shellfish, eggs and anything else low on carb. Carbs are omnipresent in vegetables and fruits thus limiting their consummation in this diet. So like you can see this is what this diet is all about.

Bad Breath Cures

Some people have bad breath 24/7, this is not for those people. This for people who have bad breath at times even if they brush it comes back after a few hours. Imagine being next to your girlfriend’s father and coming close to him to talk about your future. But all he can think about is your horrifying breath.

I will give you 3 tips on how to fix bad breath quickly. Want to get rid of bad breath in restaurant with a special friend, yes there are ways to fix this swiftly.

Tip # 1: Keep your mouth wet, if your mouth get’s dry easily which happens to a lot of people. There is a very easy way to fix this, drink some liquor.  But for some people the mouth keeps getting dry so that fix doesn’t work. If you’re at home or at restaurant, get a lemon and squeeze all the juice in your mouth. The acid keeps your mouth moist and undry.

Tip# 2: This one is effective in restaurants especially. If you sense that your breath is atrocious, ask the waiter for a dish with parsley, ginger, basil or mint. Those things are great combatants of bad breath.

Tip# 3: Ask for a small packet of salt, put it in your pocket without anyone noticing. Tell your party that you need to use the washroom, gorge a bit of water and then pour the salt in your mouth. Gargle it till you think it has done it’s job. Remember hot water and salt is good combo to defeat bacteria in the mouth.

What Is A Sinus Headache?

A disease it is or maybe some kind of virus? It is more like a infection than a disease but still something bad for your body. Sinus Headaches are something very painful to have; they not only hurt your entire head but sometimes even below the head. The pain is dull and is felt throughout your head, in your cheeks, eyes and some other parts. What it is, it occurs when inflammation occurs in your air filled cavities around your eyes, noses and cheeks. Sinus headaches hurt you when you bend over, it will make you feel wake that is one of the obvious symptoms. The other symptoms are similar to migraines so it’s hard to identify a sinus headache. Also they start in the morning when you wake up and normally get better in the afternoon, but sometimes they just get worse.

Some Signs of Sinus Headaches:

-Pain in some specific areas like in some of your head parts.
-Face gets tender to touch.
-Headaches just start after you get a cold or some sort of related infection.
-Sudden temperature changes, example: your body feels oddly cold or you get feverish warmth.


Sinus headaches are often preceded by Sinusitis (congestion and inflammation). Healthy sinuses allow mucus to drain and circulate easily in your nasal corridors. When your sinus is infected by Sinusitis, your sinus is inflamed, some areas get blocked thus making it that your sinus can’t drain mucus properly. They provide a perfect situation and place for fungus & bacteria to become stronger.
Risky Factors may include history of allergies, frequent swimming and diving, climbing & hiking.

Tips & Tricks: Lower Your Cholesterol

In this world shattered by economic crises and all the injustices going in the third tier countries, a virus is affecting a lot of people in the northern hemisphere. What is this virus, disease? Is it the dark plague of the 21st century predicted by Nostradamus? What Am I Talking About? What else…high cholesterol. The disease that has over a 100 million Americans restricting their diets is slowing growing but not much people have paid attention to its sudden grown. The other country which has been greatly affected by this sickness is the Land Down Under, Australia, which in 2001 had over 1 million people consisting of high cholesterol.

Before spewing out more stats I would like to enlighten you on what really defines a person with high cholesterol and what cholesterol really is.

What is Cholesterol? A chemical compound that is naturally produced in your body, it has various important uses in your body. It helps you digest fat, it is used to make Vitamin D and some hormones. It builds cell walls which make the system inside your body work properly. These cell walls work as a natural filter outside of each cell. Like I said earlier your body produces enough Cholesterol from the liver alone, it produces around 1,000 milligram that is a solid 1 gram per day. That is enough cholesterol for one day but so many meals contain it that it is actually hard to avoid, such as cheese. In an average person’s day he should have only 20% of his overall cholesterol from outside of his body. And the other 80% from the inside. But the problem is actually being around those numbers most people with high cholesterol go around 40% or in some serious cases even much higher.

Cholesterol isn’t naturally bad, they help make things tic inside your body then why are they associated with many heart and artery diseases. There are two kinds of Cholesterol LDL and HDL, the former being the bad one. LDL lipoprotein deposits Cholesterol on your cell walls which make your artery walls more thick and make passage for some fluids more difficult. The Good One, HDL, prevents this process which is called atherosclerosis.

Lower Your Cholesterol

Here are some tips and good foods to consume to lower your cholesterol!

Oat Meal And Oat Bran

If you’re someone with high levels of LDL(bad cholesterol) you might want to give these babies a try, especially the Oat Meal which has soluble fiber, something that reduces LDL slowly. For those with a serious case of LDL, here are a few other LDL Killers: kidney beans, apples, pears, psyllium, barley and prunes.

Mix up Oat meals with oat bran or fruits like banana, which will make for a more intensive attack against LDL. These oats decrease the absorption of Cholesterol in your body as long as you have more Fiber in your diet than Cholesterol.

Walnuts, Almonds and Other Nutties

For sometime walnuts have been hailed as the great food that heals any blood issues, though not exactly true but not far from the truth. Walnuts contain polyunsaturated fatty acids which help keep your blood vessels healthy and strong. Almonds and other such nuts have similar effects on your blood vessels.

Omega 3 Fatty Acids

The name doesn’t make it sound like such a good thing but out there in the nature, this is perhaps the best substance we could consume. Omega 3 Fatty Acids do something extraordinary no other substance do as good. Omega 3 reduces blood pressure and blood cloths. Blood cloths which don’t start dangerously but end up deadly.

Those are some of the most effective and natural processes to lower your cholesterol.

Preventing Acne Tips

Acne is it something relevant? Yes it is, especially in our north American society which promotes products that boast the chances of having Acne. About 85% of people around the age of 17-24 have or had some form of acne once in their lifetime. That is about 17 million people in the States alone who have acne. So the problem is everywhere but what are some of the subtle ways of preventing it? Here are some of the better tips on Acne Prevention.

First before I suggest some tips, you need to know what acne really is and not what the stereotype says. Most people will tell you that don’t eat chocolate or you just don’t wash your face as often, using those points to point out the reason of your acne or someone else’s. Acne is caused by overactive oil glands in your face or any part of your body which is covered in skin; in this case all of our body is covered in skin. So yes we could have acne anywhere but most often it’s in the upper body and mainly the face. Acne surfaces more often in Teens, especially when they’re in puberty which is why we associate Acne with Teens. Acne is a bit like everything else in life that is good and bad.

If your family’s genetics have always had acne, probably you will have it too; there will be exceptions but not many. I knew a friend who had a normal amount of acne for a teen but none of his siblings had any at all. So don’t just blame Acne on your genetics. Now that we know about this reaction a bit, let’s look at some of the ways to prevent it.

Prevent Acne Tips

Wash Your Face!

Yes washing your face actually helps but not in the way most people actually think it does. You have oils on the surface of your skin and a good way to dissolve any oil is to use water. These oils and dead skins on your face basically worsen the acne that is presently there. But over washing your face might expand the problem even more, so be careful how much you wash your face.

Don’t Use Lotions

Yes Lotions might seem like a good idea but some of them are way to oily and if they’re not that they aren’t nonacnegenic. If they are nonacnegenic it basically means you could use them and they won’t have any effect on your acne.

Wash Your Face AGAIN!

Yes wash it again but now more specifically, if you’ve done some hard exercise which may have caused a considerable amount of sweat, be sure to wash your face again. Any kind of hard exercise, sport, workout or anything which may lead you to sweating calls for you to cleanse your face with water. Sweat might clog your pore and effectively make your acne worse than its current situation. You don’t just sweat from the face but from many other areas so that is why it’s recommended to take a shower after sweating a lot, other than the hygienic reasons.

Hair Products AVOID THEM!

Some people just can’t live with their hair spray, gel or other hair product but for those people who have acne and use these products STOP immediately. Unless you are very carefully and avoid the contact of these products with your face you may run the risk of worsening your acne. These products contain oils which may lead to acne being more present on your face.

Tight Cloths?!?

If you notice acne popping up on your back, abdomen and chest, you might need to avoid tight cloths which may cause irritation.

These are a few basic tips that can get you rid of your acne. But if you have a massive breakout of acne, contact a dermatologist which will lead him to prescribe you to some acne medication.