17 Ways To Get Money When You Need It

Have you ever felt like you needed some extra cash?

Maybe you got an unexpected bill. Perhaps you had an emergency hospital visit. Or, maybe your car needs new tires or new brakes. You might also want to take a vacation with your family or throw a 1st birthday party for your child. Regardless of the reason for wanting extra money, this post will tell you exactly how to get it.

It’s actually easier than you think to make a few extra dollars on the side. All you need is a little bit of motivation and the desire to succeed. Some of the suggestions below will only take an hour or two to complete while others require more of a time commitment. Good luck!

1. Hold A Garage Sale

You know you’ve been wanting to hold a garage sale for quite some time. All of us have a storage closet that we need to clean out or clothes that no longer fit us. Getting ready for a garage sale only takes a week or two. Simply go through your house one room at a time and remove any unwanted items. Then, spend a day over the weekend pricing items. Stay organized and start early on garage sale day. Also, make sure that you advertise your sale with big, bright poster boards all around your neighborhood.

2. Consolidate!

If you are having trouble paying your bills, one great way to save money is to consolidate your debt. Consolidating debt can save you thousands of dollars in interest costs over the course of a year. Use a website with great resources like DebtConsolidation.com to see if this decision is right for you.

3. Sell Your Gold

If you have unwanted jewelry, you can actually take it to some jewelry stores and sell it on the spot. Try to find a company that specializes in buying gold or platinum. Do your research to find out the market value for your metals that day. You want to make sure to get the most for your jewelry, so be sure to show you have knowledge of what they’re worth.

4. Walk People’s Dogs

If you love animals, you can make great money by watching other people’s dogs when they go on vacation or walking them during the week. You can set up an inexpensive website describing your qualifications and advertise your services on social media. You can also rely on word of mouth by offering to walk your friends’ dogs and asking them to spread the word.

5. Sell Your Clothes at Plato’s Closet

If you have clothes, shoes, or accessories that you no longer wear, you can take them to a Plato’s Closet. These stores are spreading across the United States and can be found in many cities. Essentially, you bring your unwanted items, and the staff will go through them and give you cash on the spot if they can use them.

6. Ask For a Family Loan

If you need money immediately, you can always ask a family member to give you a loan. You could also ask multiple family members to give you small amounts that could add up to a larger one. Keep in mind that while family members are more generous to part with their money, it’s also much harder to admit to them you can’t pay them back if a problem arises. So, borrow wisely and pay them back promptly.

7. Sell Furniture on Craigslist

Craigslist is a great resource to use when you want to make money the same day. The items that sell quickly are furniture and appliances. The best days to sell are the weekend days because people are available to come and pick up items. If you want to sell it quickly, make sure to price your items accordingly.

8. Mow Your Neighbor’s Lawn

During the warm weather months, you can offer to mow your neighbor’s lawn. It will only take you an hour or so for a smaller lot in a neighborhood, and it’s a great way to make side cash.

9. Look for Jobs on TaskRabbit.com

TaskRabbit is a website where you can apply to do odd jobs for other people. Whether they need a ride to the airport or help planning an event, you can set your guidelines and price.

10. Borrow Money From A Pawn Shop

If you are just days away from a paycheck but need money, you can take jewelry or another expensive possession to a pawn shop. They will give you a loan in exchange for holding your item, but it will have guidelines. Remember, if you don’t pay them back in a certain amount of time, they are entitled to keep what you gave them.

11. Put Your Place on Airbnb

Airbnb is a website where you can rent out a room in your home or your entire house for a price. Essentially, you turn your house into a hotel. It’s a great way to make a few extra dollars. Just make sure that you take great pictures of your home so that it’s appealing to potential guests.

12. Amazon MTurk

Amazon MTurk is a website where you can look for jobs to do from home. These jobs are great for people with an aptitude for technology, like transcribing videos. However, there are also other jobs like translating paragraphs into different languages and writing blog posts.

13. Apply for a Personal Loan

If you need a loan for a particular reason, remember that you can always go into your local bank and request one. In order to get approved, you will need to have good credit and a responsible repayment history.

14. Open An Account on Fiverr.com

Fiverr.com is a website where you can sell services or products for $5.00. Setting up an account is free and easy to start. In order to get your first sale, be sure to look on the “gigs wanted” section of the website to see if you have any skills that match what services people are looking for.

15. Help People Move

Not everyone lives near friends and family, so they might not have help on moving day. Sometimes, all a person needs is a helping hand to help move larger items like sofas and mattresses. Set an hourly rate and advertise your services. You can make over a hundred dollars in one weekend this way.

16. Deliver Furniture

When people buy furniture on websites like Craigslist, they often have to rent a truck to haul it to their apartments. If you have a vehicle large enough to help them, you can rent out your services. Take an ad out in the paper, tell your friends on Facebook, or advertise it on Craigslist itself.

17. House Sit

If you are having trouble paying your rent, you should consider house sitting. Essentially, people pay you to stay in their home while they are away for an extended period of time. This way, you can make money and live rent free. Keep an eye out for these opportunities on websites like Craigslist or offer to help a friend if you know they will be leaving for a few weeks.

If you use the tips listed above, you will be well on your way to getting extra money when you need it. Whether you need it today or in a few weeks when the mortgage is due, any of these methods can help you get there.

Post by Catherine Alford

Hunting Down Your Track in Android’s Music Library

It is estimated that there are around 8,000 genres of music including some pretty bizarre ones, like Nintendocore and Mongolian Throat singing. With limited time on radio stations and the actual physical limitations of record and music stores, finding the exact type of music—let alone some of the more far-out genres—can be difficult and frustrating. However, with the development of the smartphone and the explosion of apps now available for them, finding that track you want to listen to on the way to work just became a whole lot easier.

With the invention and development of an app being as simple as it is, hundreds of thousands of apps are being invented for all kinds of things, and music plays an especially big part. Android music apps exist for a huge variety of musical styles and give you access to whatever type of music you are looking for.

Music Apps for Android

Slacker Radio

Slacker is pretty popular because of the wide variety of music that it gives listeners access to. Little-known genres, like goregrind or the previously mentioned Nintendocore, are hard to come by, but Slacker Radio goes the extra mile to deliver full satisfaction to its listeners.


iheartradio is an radio app devoted solely to playing the hottest U.S. music tracks. If it just recently came out or came back, or if Jimmy Kimmel just covered it on his show, you can probably listen to it on iheartradio. If you are looking for Canadian country or folktronica, iheartradio is probably not the place to start. However, it does play good music that you can rock out by yourself or with friends.

Pandora Radio

Possibly the best known and most popular Internet radio, Pandora truly lives up to its name in supplying an unlimited amount of music, from the best known teeny-bopper song to the only-two-people-have-ever-heard-this song. Pandora makes a point of providing stations based on all kinds of criteria: style, artists, occasions, etc. You can also personalize the type of music that Pandora plays for you, so you’re certain to find just what you’re looking for here.

So, the quest is on! Download the best Android music apps and start compiling your favorite sounds. The Android Market has dozens of apps devoted to sharing all the music the world has to offer—and it’s all at your fingertips.

How to Build a Professional Looking Website Easily For Free

Professionals always make sure that their uniforms, offices and even their proceedings to be truly professional. Even the communication tact is truly professional. This proves that professionalism is very important if you want to attain success. No matter which industry you belong to or what kind of job you are in, all that matters is the professionalism in you.

As we give proper consideration to make our offices, uniforms, etiquette, communication skill to be professional, so is the thing with our websites. Websites are very important aspect of any business and this it has to be completely professional. Websites creates our online presence and having a professional website makes our online presence strong.

Online reputation is very important presently as people now rely more and more on internet. Promotion of business is one of the most practical benefits of internet. As the importance of website is increasing day by day so are increasing the free portals to create a website. Creating a website was an intricate task earlier but with these free web portals anyone with a little knowhow can create their own website.
Continue reading How to Build a Professional Looking Website Easily For Free

5 Home Tricks for Beating the Common Cold

No one likes to be sick, but sometimes it almost seems unavoidable. You go to work and everyone is hacking and sneezing. The grocery stores are filled with people that look half-dead and your children are coming home with a plethora of germs. Is there any way to avoid the common cold or are you destined to get sick? Stop worrying. Here are five tricks for beating the common cold.

Wash Your Hands Obsessively

During cold and flu season, you need to wash your hands as often as possible. This is especially true when you’re out in public. If you don’t have access to water and soap, carry hand sanitizer with you. Either way, you should clean your hands after touching door knobs, stair rails, grocery carts, etc before touching your face. Continue reading 5 Home Tricks for Beating the Common Cold

7 Things You Should Know about Windows 8

Windows 8 is the newest generation of the Windows operating systems, rumored to be scheduled to hit the market sometime in 2012. Although it has not yet been officially released, Microsoft has made a Windows 8 preview available for download so that anyone in the general public who is interested in knowing more about it can experience its features first hand. For those of you who don’t have time to download and test drive the Developer Preview, here is a quick rundown of seven things you should know about Windows 8.

ARM chips. Windows 8 is the first-ever operating system (OS) to operate on ARM chips. This means the OS will be able to run on both tablets and desktops.

User interface. Windows 8 takes a giant risk in completely overhauling the traditional Windows user interface in favor of a “live tiles” screen, featuring user apps, and a sidebar feature called, “Snap.” Users who prefer the traditional interface will find that they can easily toggle back and forth between the new and the old with a simple click.

Touch screen. With the advent of Windows 8, Microsoft adds a multi-touch screen feature to the Windows interface.

Xbox Live. The Windows 8 Interface combines PC and console gaming by way of bringing Xbox live to the desktop.

Cloud features. Every user of Windows 8 will receive a Skydrive account. This will allow them to access and transfer Skydrive files from one system to the other.

App store. To go along with its new app-centric user interface, Windows 8 will provide its users with an app store featuring games, productivity tools, and desktop applications.

Boot time. Windows 8 boots in a record 10 seconds. That is because this new operating system hibernates with only the minimal elements, restarting them only at boot time.

In additional to all these features, Windows 8 has beefed up its security, and the security can be checked during the boot process. To learn more, you may visit the Windows Dev Center website, where you have the option of downloading three different beta (test) versions of Windows 8. However, casual users are urged to forgo the test versions and wait for the real thing, as Windows 8 is not yet bug-free and wiping your existing operating system out in order to install an experimental version of an operating system is not exactly a great idea for those who aren’t especially tech-savvy.

About the Author: Dona Collins is a professional writer who enjoys writing about technology. Her current interests are new windows platforms, new blackberry phones, and tablets.

The Pros and Cons of Reverse Mortgages

If you are “equity rich”, but “cash poor” and are in your senior years, you may want to consider getting a reverse mortgage. A reverse mortgage, or lifetime mortgage, is a loan available to senior homeowners who are at least 62 years of age and have substantial equity accumulated in their home.  A reverse mortgage is a tool that many retirees use to provide a steady stream of cash during their “golden years”.  These intensely debated, but widely popular loans come with many pros and cons.


A reverse mortgage is the right choice for many senior homeowners due to its number of benefits. One of the most significant advantages is that it provides you with a guaranteed source of tax-free income for life, while allowing you to remain in your home. The payment method is also flexible.  For example, you can receive monthly payments, a lump sum payment, a line of credit — or some combination of all three. You also do not need to own your home fully to qualify for a reverse mortgage because most reverse mortgages only require 40 percent equity in your home. Further, the homeowner keeps ownership and title to the home.

The income from a reverse mortgage does not affect your eligibility for Social Security or Medicare either.  You can cancel a reverse mortgage loan, but there is a three day window after the reverse mortgage closes to do so. Reverse mortgages usually have a provision that prohibits you from losing your home, provided you make property tax and insurance payments as well as necessary repairs. The “non-recourse” clause prevents your heirs from owing more than the value of the home.


Although there are many advantages to reverse mortgages, there are also a number of disadvantages that must be carefully considered. Reverse mortgages are not cheap. They come with considerable fees, including origination, mortgage insurance and closing costs. Because the entire reverse mortgage loan must be repaid when the borrower dies (or moves or sells his home), the equity in the home is decreased, reducing what is left to your children or grandchildren. In addition, your heirs will be responsible for paying back the balance due — plus interest — in the event of your death.

Property taxes, home owners insurance and repairs are still your responsibility. In the event that you are delinquent on any of these payments, you may be required to pay back your reverse mortgage early.  Reverse mortgages are more binding than a line-of-credit and more costly too.  Three days after the reverse mortgage loan closes, the loan is considered final. Although reverse mortgage loan refinancing is an option, it is challenging and costly. While reverse mortgage income does not affect your eligibility for Social Security or Medicare, it may affect your eligibility for Supplemental Social Security Benefits and Medicaid, depending on where you live and the amount of the loan.
The Bottom Line

All-in-all, reverse mortgages can be beneficial for many borrowers, but they are not the right choice for everyone. Before committing to a reverse mortgage, it’s important to fully understand all terms, costs, and advantages and disadvantages. It’s also wise to consider reverse mortgage alternatives, such as downsizing, relocating, refinancing, selling your home, or renting out a portion of your home.

School Tools and Wish List

Traditional expert driven learning is soon to become a dinosaur in the 21st century. The speed of information technologies and the amount of information available with just a few clicks has made students into teachers and teachers into students. In 1989 the future was multi media. Ten years later the web was the future. Today smart mobile can take the classroom to almost anyplace in the world. No longer does the world have to go to the classroom. If in 20 years, technology has changed the way we learn and how we learn, this much, it is not hard to imagine a future where the traditional ivy covered walls become more of a social experience than that of a learning experience. Some might argue they already have. No matter what, its that time of the year again. Back to school. An opportunity for a new “life adventure”, renew friendships, network and advance your education. To that end, if the following directory of “toys” and “tools” might be near the top of your to do list, read on!

Wish List

We checked out some pretty neat stuff to help you make it through the school year, all with an element of new technology, some that embrace the web. So pick up Daddy Warbucks and lets go shopping. If you don’t know who Daddy Warbucks is, your first assignment is to Wiki him and find out.

Toshiba Portege

How about a nice new laptop with lots of bells and whistles to start your school year? This 13 inch high end/low price marvel gets rave reviews for its combination of solid performance and superior construction. $800

Alienware M11X

At a little over 11 inches screen size this notebook offers a lot of “bang for the buck” including iCore processors, good sound quality, high end graphics and long life battery. $1200

HTC Evo 4G

For a couple of hundred dollars you can pocket Sprint’s best smartphone. Feature laden with 4G capability, this Android phone is easy to use and offers good performance. A GPS keeps you from getting lost while you find your way around your new city. $199

Altec Lansing Mix iMT800

Dorm rooms are small but your music doesn’t have to be. Plug your iPod into this multimedia boombox and impress your friends as you party on. $220

Canon EOS Rebel (big camera)

The T2i is a DSLR that offers good performance and ease of use for less than $1,000. You can even shoot video and make home movies. When your cell phone camera “just wont do”, the Canon T2i is a good way to keep in touch with friends and family back home and build a photo and video album of your school days. $850

Canon PowerShot SD780IS (little camera)

This very good pocket sized, full featured point and shoot sells for $180.

Klipsch Image S4 earphones

When your roomie wants to study and you want to listen to tunes, these earphones sound a whole lot better than their price tag of $80 suggests.

Apple iPad

This tablet device is a synthesis of laptop and smartphone allowing users to view media, play games, research information with iBooks and Kindle apps, even watch movies and a whole lot more. $500-$700

Apple iMac

For the architect, art, design and visual image crowd this 27inch screen and fast processor also boasts a mini port gateway to entertainment as well as functionality. $1500+

Laptop, smartphone, music components, camera and iPad, wish list items to make your school year even more memorable as well as help you learn. Hard to believe that just a few years ago some of this technology didn’t even exist. Imagine what the near future will bring to the way we learn.


What follows is a list of top 3 no cost websites that offer helpful information, methodology and an easy to follow cyber road map for your educational journey.

Photo Sharing

For keeping in touch, photosharing has become another web based social communications tool. Check out-
Photobucket, Flicker and Webshots.

Video Sharing

Like photo sharing, video sharing allows users to upload and store video for all the world to see.
YouTube, Metacafe and Break are the top 3 video sites.

Social Networks

Like millions of other people, hang out in your choice of cyber café be it
Facebook, MySpace or Linkedin.

Auction Houses

Clean out your closet and earn extra cash with
eBay, (14 million auctions happening at any moment) UBid and Webidz

10 sites Of Interest

1. www.readplease.com

Increased access to all visual information and read any pasted text.

2. www.answers.com A Q&A information site

3. www.wordweb.com Word definitions and synonyms

4. Corp.credoreference.com An on line reference/research service

5. www.studenttools.info
A compendium of useful information especially relevant for students beginning post secondary education.

6. Www.ed.gov/ “to promote student achievement and preparation for global competiveness”

7. www.bls.gov/ A government data base published by the Department of Labor. A good resource for labor related statistics and more.

8. www.sec.gov/ Financial planning, saving and investing information.

9. www.softpedia.com/ An encyclopedia of free software downloads with some terrific programs for Mac and PC students at any level.

10. mashable.com/
A facebook free for all of good information.

There are thousands more information sites stored in the library called www. These few are tabled here just to pique your curiosity. After all an inquisitive mind is one of the very best educational tools available.

Preparing for a Hurricane

For those living in the golf coast these times can be troubling because of a persistent hurricane season each year. Tropical storm, hurricane, call it what you will they all bring the same thing, destruction. States that are often the target of such violent nature devastation have now become more adapt with some prevention methods.

Dangers Associated With Tropical Storms

More often than not, you have to worry about other things other than the strong wind.

-Floods, these can occur from heavy rain caused by the massive switch in the system, drainage problem or a ditch.

-Storm Surge, this occurs in larger hurricanes such as Katrina, it is what kills the most people.

These are some of the dangers associated with a hurricane. To stop these dangers from harming you, you need materials. Collecting materials such as wood and shutters to block windows is a good idea. You should get the material way before a storm is even announced. Get a generator in case the power is gone in your house while the storm. Also have an evacuation plan, have state size maps. If stuck in a storm you will know the nearest shelter etc…

Those are a few advices to prepare for a storm. Always check your state’s disaster prevention site. They will include news about storms, updates and many tips on surviving if such things occur.

The Truth Behind School Grants

Higher education is considered to be an extremely expensive affair worldwide. Many of us cannot afford such higher education without help of school grants. However, there are different kinds of complete or partial financial support programs offered to students who deserve. It is very important that a student is entailing detailed research about the grants offered and be aware of the eligibility criteria before applying for the grants. With the boom of the Internet technology one can easily get updated information about the different kinds of grants available online.

Important Considerations:

Since there are huge numbers of hopefuls who apply for the school grants, it is extremely essential that you are marketing yourself successfully. There is need of a strong case to be made for the candidature from the point of view of the academic credentials as well as the financial aid. A candidate needs to prepare himself or herself well for the different rounds of interview. Students need to ensure that their resume looks good so that he/she can be the one among probable candidates who can qualify for the grants. Participation in the extracurricular activities, community work, evidences of leadership skills etc.. are some of the best ways one can get him/her noticed.

The applicant needs to be aware of the fact that each and every institutions or agencies offering grants have their own objectives. It is thus necessary that an applicant carries out sufficient amount of research and look for institutions whose objectives align with their personal goals in life. The possibility of getting grants increase when a candidate is better aligned with an institution. The applicants can visit the website of the organization to be sure of the objectives set. This way one can incorporate some of the ideologies and develop a better understanding with the philosophies.

The very common type of school grants include:

Federal schools
Nursing courses
Elementary schools
Law schools
Business schools

Research about information in the community domain will reveal details about the criteria and requirements. Once the candidates understand their goals and work towards them, he/she can easily get the right kind of grant they have been looking for. Below are stated some of the grants which can help students pay for their tuition fees, room, books and board. Students are not required to pay back the amounts they receive as grants and the amounts are based on their financial condition.

Federal Pell Grant Program is meant for students who demonstrate financial assistance for getting into a college. This kind of grant is accepted in more than 5,400 higher education organizations. The grant amounts are fixed on the basis of EFC or Expected Family Contribution, total cost of attending the classes, full time or part time classes. Students can get in touch with the Department of Education in US for further details.

The TEACH Grant Program is offered to students who aspire to become a teacher. The students can apply for the grants through TEACH or the Teacher Education Assistance for College & Higher Education Grant Program. According to the College Cost Reduction and Access Act passed in 2007, the grant offers up to $4,000/ year to students who come from low income house and aspires to take up teaching as their profession.

The FSEOG or Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant is offered to the undergraduate students. Those who have applied for Pell grants and lowest EFC amounts are considered suitable for this grant. The FSEOG grants varies from $100 – $4,000 every year according to the school funding, financial need of the students while the application was submitted. The grants received are credited to the individual accounts of the students. For detailed information one can log into www.ed.gov.

The Use Of HDMI Connectors

HDMI, which is an abbreviation for High-Definition Multimedia Interface. It is starting to become a common thing in a normal household, even though it’s still somewhat considered an advance form of technology. It has rapidly become a favorable alternative to analog standards such as Radio Frequency (RF), Coaxial Cable, S-Video, VGA, PCs and Video Game Consoles.

To make use of the HDMI function you will need a good knowledge on how to make it work and need the tools essential for it.

There are four types of connectors, Type A & B are in HDMI 1.0 Specification, Type C is HDMI 1.3 Specification and Type D is 1.4 Specification.

Type A

Type A has 19 pins and bandwidth support for SDTV, EDTV and HDTV modes. The Type A connector is electrically compatible with single link DVI-D.

Type B

This connector has 29 pins and this can carry double the video bandwidth of Type A. For use of high-resolution displays for the likes of QXGA which have the resolution capabilities of around 3840 x 2400. Like its predecessor Type A, Type B is electrically compatible with single link DVI-D but it has no actually no use as of now.

Type C

This connector is defined for the 1.3 specification thus rendering it useful for portable devices. It has 19 pins.

Type D

This one somewhat resembles usb key, it has a defined 1.4 specialization. It is even perhaps hard to compare a usb it looks more like a mini usb.