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Facts on losing weight

October 24th, 2009

I am not a person who likes to be told what to do, but when someone needs to lose weight these are the best advices possible.

-Losing fat doesn’t mean that you lose weight some percentage of your weight will still be made up by carbohydrates, depending on what meals you take the amount may wary.

-Drinking water often throughout the day will help you, it will give a little boast in your exercise, that doesn’t mean you should be drinking every single minute, it might cause water intoxication.

-Whenever you lose weight, it becomes harder to lose more, that is why many personal trainers change exercises after a few months.

-People concentrate to much on losing weight instead of concentrating on losing body fat.

-Most people can’t keep the constant exercises each day. They see their exercise time as choir more then as a past time. So the best thing to do would be to make the exercise a bit fun, put some music or something.

-When doing exercise never take a break until it is all over. When really tired do the low effort demanding exercise. If can’t talk to someone while exercising due to heavy breath, that means your working too hard.

Just always remember there is no easy way. No shortcut. You have to work hard for what you want and you will almost always get it.

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Facts about Grass

October 23rd, 2009

Grass is everywhere, but do know much about it ? Guessed so, here is abit about them.

-There is up to 10,000 different types of grass in the world. Ranging from grass to rice to wheat to corn to sugarcane and bamboo.

-20% of the earth’s vegetation’s main ingredient is grass.

-Some plants(herbs) from a 1000years ago’s are still present. That are as long as three adult person horizontally.

-Grasses influenced cave mans to become farmers rather then hunters, of course not the case for everyone.

-Grasses are extremely tough in nature, they can be found in the center of the north pole and in the middle of the equator.

-The grass producing industry is multi million dollar because the high demand of artificial grass for sport arenas etc.

-There are so many grasses that their is one species for every corner of the earth.

-Grass provides most of the earth living creatures diet, plants, breed etc.

-Most animals grow because of grass, such as butterfly’s, panda’s(bamboo) etc..

-Most parties would be dull without grass, since most alcohol drinks, whiskey, beer, sake all need sometime of grasses.

-Grass has been used to make paper nowadays too, even homes are helped constructed by bamboo, straw etc..

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Facts about Cheetah

October 23rd, 2009

The animal that can reach the highest speed, the Cheetah. Some fear it, some envy it. Here are some facts about it.

-Many African tribes call it the Duma.

-Cheetah is one of the slimmer big cats with around only 110-140 pounds.

-Cheetah like to live in open plains(for sprinting/hunting proposes).

-It’s favorite meals are thought to be Antelopes.

-Cheetah’s live for 10-20 years.

-Cheetah’s once ruled all of Africa and even lived in Middle East, Asia. Now they only live in the sub-saharan african area.

-Cheetah’s muscles are made for speed, long, flexible and it’s tail gives it the needed balance.

-Many researchers thought Cheetahs just relied on their burst of speed for kills but new researches have found otherwise. Cheetah’s can stalk preys for a longtime and like to get as close possible before launching themselves.

-They are the fastest running animal on the earth, 70miles per hour.

-Cheetah cubs don’t open their eyes until their 3rd week.

-Cubs become adults after 15months, but only 50% survive.

-Cheetah’s hold their prey on the ground with their paws then deliver a one bite kill to the neck.

-Unlike other cats, Cheetah’s claws never retract.

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