Fun Facts About Rice

Rice is a staple of human nutrition, it is one of the most consumed foods in the world. Just by numbers it is probably the highest because of the strong rice culture in highly populated countries such as China and India. Both those countries are also the main producers of rice thus it being so cheap and popular there. Rice is also one of the most ancient parts of human diet, historians suggest it being more than 5000 years old with first use being located in China. In China, the word for rice is the same word for food that’s how ingrained it is in their food culture. Why is rice so popular? It might have something to do with the variety of rice producible. Nearly all the countries that produce rice have their own variety, there is the Chinese black rice, Thai rice, Basmati rice from India and many more from a whole list of other countries.  Not only rice is so variable but it can be eaten along with anything, from veggies to meat to grains. In most Asian countries rice is the most eaten food, in Burma the average person will consume over 230 kg of rice per year. Because of rice’s popularity in densely populated countries it is the main food source for more than half of the earth’s population. Rice not only feeds people but it gives them work, for example in Thailand rice creates more than 50% of the labor workforce. Despite rice not being as popular in the West as in the East, it is growing in demand around the world because of it’s relatively cheap price and fulling appetite. Rice’s cultivation is fairly simple, it is harvested once a year and requires lots of rainfall. Rice seeds require lots of water to grow, rice growth requires lots of labor and water. Despite its labor intensive requirements rice is the second most produced food after corn(maize). Those were some fun facts about rice.

Fun Facts About Ancient Fashion

This isn’t about fashion of the current day but of a time long ago. Fashion has a tendency of changing very quickly, comparing fashion from 5 years ago is even absurd now imagine comparing fashion from centuries ago. It’s not something people think of when they are studying history but fashion has always been there and has had some quite interesting trends. Here are a few fun facts about ancient fashion.

One of the first pieces of clothing humans wore was footwear. Footwear was common among humans even long before they ever wore anything on their upper body. Footwear in the middle ages back a staple but not always for the right reasons. Footwear was used to protect the feet but also to show social status. As there were many different kinds of footwear, the most common was something less like footwear but more like current day socks. Also in medieval times and before that, shoes didn’t have right or left designs,  a pair of shoes consisted of two same shoes. Shoemaking has been apart of human life for a very long time, the first records suggest 10 000 BC.

On to a different kind of fashion, facial hair was more common in the olden days. A beard held much significance in many cultures, in some it meant wisdom and in some it meant honour. In medieval times, grabbing a man’s beard could result in a duel as this was a major form of disrespect. Other places dealt with facial hair in different ways. In Russia, any man who would have a beard was obligated to pay special tax’s to Peter The Great. They would then carry a token that said ” this beard has been taxed”. This happened in the 1700s but the first to introduce this ridiculous law was the infamous Henry VIII in the 1500s.

Anyone who’s gone shopping for shampoo and body wash will tell you there are an incredible amount of olive oil products. This trend started in Ancient Greece, where olives are abundant. Olive oil was used in nearly all baths in Greece due to the amazing qualities for skin care. Olive oil still remains one of the best sources for good skin care and refreshing baths.

Fun Facts About Cartoons

American animation has entertained millions around the world, from Walt Disney cartoons to Hanna Barbera cartoons. Some of these cartoons have gave us the most iconic entertainment characters of all time. Not only that but they have also stayed ageless, watching Tom & Jerry for a kid now or when it came out is still enjoyable. There are lots of little known facts about TV’s biggest shows, here are a few of them.

Charming Palestine Leader Yasser Arafat was a cartoon buff, he didn’t enjoy many other American things but he found a place in his heart for this lovable animated drawings.\

One of the greatest specials in Television history, How The Grinch Stole Christmas, has a fitting narrator. The man who played the role of Frankenstein, in the hit classic “Frankenstein 1970”, Borris Karloff, he was the voice of the narrator and mostly the only voice in that episode.

Disney has become one of biggest media conglomerates in the world but the man who was behind it all, Walt Disney, died before seeing any of his work come to fruition. Walt died miserably poor and unappreciated at the time.

Dennis The Menace, was a newspaper comic strip before it hit the big screens. The strip was well known and beloved but no one expected it to do well elsewhere. There have been countless tv adaption, comics and even movies. The show and strip are largely the same, following the trouble making young Dennis. The strip however has Dennis’s always dog companion by the name of Ruff and the shows by the name of Gnasher.

When the character of Mickey Mouse was being created, he was drew with only three fingers because drawing five and animating would have been slightly more expensive. During that era Disney was having trouble trying to breakthrough but soon they would with their three fingered mouse.
Bugs Bunny one of the most famous non Disney characters is a rabbit but with the attitude of a bug. Hence why he is always annoying the doc like a pest and named “Bugs”.

Hopefully those were some enlightening facts about cartoons for you.

Amazing Facts About Fruits

Fruits are one of the most important part of our diet. Knowing what they do and what benefits they bring is a great asset for anyone. They are somethings about fruits we do not know or at least we think we do but we don’t. Here are some little known facts about fruits.

Tomatoes are often thought to be a vegetable by the general consensus of the population but this is not true. Factually speaking tomatoes are fruits. The confusion arises because of cooks and scientists disagree with each other. Cooks treat tomato as a vegetable as it is used like on in many meals but scientist see it as a fruit as it biological is similar to one.

A lemon has more sugar than a strawberry or an orange. Lemons have 70% of sugar and strawberries only have 40%. This is weird because if one would go by the taste, you could assume strawberry is definitely more sugar filled.

If you’ve ever wondered why do you feel so hydrated after eating a cucumber, its because a cucumber is over 90% consisted of water.

If you have iron deficiency you should eat an orange with a meal that has iron. Orange is one of the best fruits to help absorb iron.

Avocado’s are a great addition to any tortilla but if your doing a diet or trying to keep low calories avocado’s might not be for you since they are the fruit with the largest amount of calories.

Bananas are one of the few fruits that don’t grow on trees.

Another interesting fact about Banana’s they are the most eaten fruit in North America. One would guess it would between the apple, orange or banana.

If you are eating pineapples, there is a good chance it is from Hawaii as 75% of the world’s pineapples are grown there.

One last fun fact, grapes explode when you put them in the microwave, no normal person should know that.

Animals Who Were Celebrities

Sometimes our obsession with celebrities transcends species. We also love having famous animals. Animals who are unique or have special abilities, are often the ones that gain fame. Once that fame is gained they become worldwide celebrities since animal celebs are so rare. Here are a few stories of celebrity animals.

Tiao, the chimp

This chimpanzee led a quiet life at the Rio de Janiero zoo. His life soon became very public because he would enter a politic campaign. But before that he did gain some infamy among the population of Brazil for being the chimp that would throw his feces at visitors and howling at them furiously. A large group of people formed a political party named “The Banana Party”. The party’s leader was Tiao and he was running for mayor of Rio. At the votes he got a massive amount of support, 200 000 votes went to him. People did all this because of the distaste with the local leaders. The humility of a chimp being your rival candidate must have worked.

Tipper, the choker

Tipper was a handsome little homecat in Tampa, Florida. One day like all the days, he was home alone and he started biting on his flea collar. He soon swallowed much of the collar and started choking on it. And as he struggled around the house choking, he hit the phone during his struggle. He somehow hit the speed dial button which the owner had set to 911. The dispatcher heard the cat’s struggling meow’s and sent paramedics immediately. Tipper was saved by the medics and partially by himself.

Cool Fact About The Human Body

Humans aren’t the fastest or the strongest, but they do have the largest mental capabilities than any other species. The human body does a lot of interesting things that most people take for granted. Here are some cool facts about the human body.

Unforgettable Smell
The human nose isn’t the most impressive range wise, we are beaten by most animals that require smell for hunting. A dog’s sense of smell is a million times more sensitive than a human’s but humans are capable of remembering more smells. An average nose can differentiate around 50 000 smells.

Bones of Steel
Yes the bones in our body are stronger than steel but as they are much less dense, they are easier to break. So please don’t go around trying to test your bone against any hard object, the result will be most definitively painful.

Cry Baby

This isn’t something most people would be proud of but humans are the only animal capable of emotional tear. No other animal cries because they got hurt or they had a bad day. This is very much a double edged sword, as emotion can drive a person to do irrational things but also greatly motivate them.

This is the biggest advantage humans have(other than their brains), a human can live on pretty much any climate as long as there is some form of oxygen. The only other living thing that can do that is bacteria.

Those were some interesting facts about humans and the human body.

Massive Corporate Blunders!

Corporate mistakes are always fun. When a big marketing push goes wrong because of a pun or something similarly as banal it often leads to hilarity. These mistakes can cost millions of dollars but at least they provide some good laughter. Here are some hilarious corporate blunders.

Drugs Message

A school products company in New York(in 1998) decided to have an anti drug message in their pencils. Well the idea was neat and the product made it to stores just fine. When kids actually started using them in schools, an issue they hadn’t prepared for occurred. When these fine pencils were sharpened the message would be cut. The original anti drug message on the pencil said the following “Too Cool To Do Drugs”, after sharpening it, it would be shortened to “Cool To Do Drugs” and after some more sharpening “Do Drugs”. Yes this anti drug effort failed miserably but at least it was funny how much they didn’t think it through. The company had to take the product of the shelves soon after.

Pepsi’s failures

Pepsi has been synonymous with soda but there have been some experiments by the company that led to huge disasters, some that could have even wiped them out completely. There was the Pepsi crystal in 1993, which was such a failure that most stores didn’t want to stock it for free. In the early 2000s they tried another massive experiment with the Pepsi Blue. Unlike the Pepsi Crystal this one was marketed globally with such intensity, that even though it wasn’t out everyone had heard of it. That’s the only thing the Pepsi Blue was a success in, nobody bought it or drank it. Pepsi had many other experiments in their other brands but these were the most notable big failures of their main brand Pepsi. Since then they have been very reluctant with completely new flavors while their competitor Coke exceed at it.

Common Superstitions!

Superstitions are something we all have been subject to since our childhood. Some of us even believe in these silly things because of certain experiences we’ve had. Superstitions are hard to believe on the surface since one event leads to another without anyway natural cause but it happens often enough that we believe they are is correlation. Although there is no statistic proving to prove superstitions are real, culture and folklore state otherwise. Superstitions despite not being all real have interesting origins and meanings, here a few common superstitions.

Knock on Wood!
Knocking on wood is a very popular one we hear almost daily. People knock on wood to avoid something bad from happening, there are many other examples but that is the one people use generally.
It is thought that this superstition started in the church, by religion like many other superstitious beliefs. Fathers of the church would knock on wood when praying since Christ had died on wood. Others believe this tradition of knocking on wood was even before Jesus Christ. Ancient Greeks had a diety that was to be communicated to through wood and they would too knock on wood.

Friday The 13th!
This one goes far back and has links to nearly every religion and system of belief like it. The number 12 is considered the number of completeness. Here a few examples illustrating that fact, an year has 12 months, a clock has 12 hours, Olympus had 12 gods, 12 signs of zodiac in the sky, 12 apostles of Jesus, 12 successors of Mohamed in Islam and even a few other. The religious ties don’t end here, a Friday is thought to be the day Jesus was crucified. That is why Friday and 13 are considered unlucky.

Umbrellas inside
Opening an umbrella inside the house is considered bad luck. This one actually has a logical reason and one that doesn’t go back to thousands of years ago. Umbrellas when invented were highly unpredictable instruments when opened and closed. They had springs inside them that could launch them a few feet away. This launch could and did hurt people when they opened it inside. Despite umbrellas evolving the superstition stayed.

2 Rare Fruits You Must Eat

Since summer is coming(in some parts of the world), I decided to write a short article on some fruits you might want to try out. Specifically fruits that are exotic and are typically not seen in the common food market. They might be hard to find but are definitely worth the effort.


Rambutan’s are perhaps not the most exotic fruit, most people have had them at least once but don’t know the name. It’s the size of a small peach, bright red and with strains of the plant sticking out like a messy hair. Rambutan’s are normally sold in packets of a dozen or less. The inside of the fruit is a jelly sort of white edible which is the main fruit. Inside of that a seed is located. The taste most often is sweet and sometimes bitter depending on the cultivation location(Philippines, Indonesia and Nicaragua). Being somewhat a close relative to berries, they contain the same anti-oxidants.


At first glance looks like an ordinary raspberry but their location is what makes the distinction. These little fruits grow in the Northwest of America, where very little other plants grow. Like raspberries you have to peel of the fruit’s outer layer to eat it. It can be eaten raw or processed as jam like other berry. These can be found in bushes in Alaska during the short summer, collecting them from the wild is permitted but is quite dangerous. Bears have these berries in their diet so if they see a human collecting them he might also join the diet.

Both of these fruits are tasty and diverse, you can make juice or jam with them. They are also great anti-oxidants(great for your skin). Also with all the carbohydrates they make great summer fruits that refill your energy.

4 Hilarious Lawsuits

Lawsuits have become a common thing in modern western society, it has gone to the point of absurdity as some cases have shown. The famous example of the robber in the night falling off your stairs suing you because of his critical condition. That is a legit case and there are many like it as stupid.

God Among Us

Chris Roller is not only a man but a mighty wizard as witnessed by the CIA according to him(How does that work?). Christopher Roller claims to have sex with the stars and be immortal(or at least the ability to beat that). In 2007 he tried to apply a patent for “Godly Powers”, which would make it illegal to do godly things on earth(whatever that means) without compensating Christopher financially. Why would he try to do that? Because he thinks he’s some kind of god on earth. He went as far as suing David Blaine for $50 million. He made his case by declaring that Blaine was stealing his powers to perform magic tricks. Unfortunately despite being a self proclaimed god he lost this case.

Court Fight

Some people are so eager to make a quick buck that they sue over the most bewildering thing and even that they do wrong. A victim of a bar fight tried suing Anheuser-Busch(beer maker) because a bottle of their brand was used on him. This victim instead of suing someone like the bar owner who’s responsible for illegal acts of violence in his establishment decided to sue a multi millionaire company. This man could have probably made some money but chose the wrong option, like he did when getting in to a bar fight.

I Killed You, Now You Owe Me Money

David Belniak, a resident of Tampa, Florida, a man who was convicted of a DUI manslaugter was sentenced for 12 years in prison. The accident was in 2007 where he killed 3 people by rear ending their car. In 2012, he decided to sue the dead victims, claiming it was them who had caused the accident and that they have ruined his life. He also wants more than 15 000 for all the emotional distress he’s received. Despite the 6 eye witness during the accident all claiming it was M. Belniak who came out of nowhere hit the victim’s car, his lawyer claims otherwise. Interesting to note that his lawyer is his sister. Stupidity runs deep in this family.

Being Ugly is a Crime

A Chinese man Jian Feng had an ugly baby but a parent is suppose to love their child no matter what right? Wrong, Jian Feng was so offended by this, that he asked his model looking wife why was their baby so atrocious looking. She told him the truth, that she had several surgeries before looking as good as she did. Jian Feng was so offended by this lie that he filed a lawsuit against her under false pretense of marriage and won $120 000 in damages.