How Did 7-Up get it’s name?

It all began in 1929, the year of Saint Valentine’s massacre, Charles L.Grigg of the town of Saint Louis, Missouri, was selling lemon-lime soft drink with a catchy slogan which was “Takes the Ouch out of Grouch”, it became an overnight sensation in that part of the world. Lithium was one of the key substances in the drink which made it what it was, though lithium was a powerful anti-depressant too, the ingredient was scraped off around the 1940s. One of the drink’s objective was to calm the mood of a person, no wonder it had anti-depressants in it. The 7 was a reference to the 7 ounces of Lithium and up was for the bubbles that came above.

One of the myths about Charles L.’s life was that many people believed him to be an albino. Which was why there was a red dot on the logo of 7up.

Why is A Canadian Pint Bigger Than The American?

It has nothing do with  Canadians  chucking down more beer or is it ? Let’s just get that clear, that is just a stereotype, a positive one somewhat. The reason might be more historical than you might think, would you believe it if the American Revolution didn’t happen, Americans would be drinking the same amount of beer as the Canadians? This is actually true, Canadians use the liters to calculate liquids. When the British introduced the imperial gallon, Americans who didn’t really have a good relation with the British refuse to accept the new rule, which nearly everyone applies. American Pride for once didn’t pay off? Did It?

Did you know why the British Empire has influenced so much in our current life? It is because at one time in history they controlled around 1/4 of the earth.

Canadian Beer or American Beer?

Many Canadians are very proud of their beer,  but is it really that better. Actually it is and it isn’t, it depends on your taste if you like a harder taste or lighter. The country in the Great North have a beer that has more alcohol than that of the American one, but many analyst believe the more crisp taste comes from another factor. The ingredient is the big factor, the Canadian one is brewed with 50% more malt barley but it’s American cousin is more composed off corn which doesn’t help the taste.

Also some beer purists like the more alcohol which the Canadian one offers in greater quantity than the American beer. The Average Canadian beer has an alcohol per volume content of 5% and the American beer of 4.5%. The light Canadian beer has a rate of 4%, while the American one is at 3.8%. The British/European beer still beats all those stats with an average of 5% alcohol.

Why is a sausage on a bun called a”hot dog”?

The sausage has been around for years but recently it has become very popular, thanks to it’s easy to eat, easy to make formula. It has a deep history, the sausage, it started out in Babylon one of the oldest human cities ever known. The other historical counterparts are the frankfurter, which a German butcher made in the shape of his pet dachshund, the Viennese wiener was another one. The Dachshund sausage is very similar to the current day one and that is why when it came to the States, it became an instant hit.  It became popular in 1904, in 1906, cartoonist Ted Dorgan couldn’t spell Dachshund, he had made a painting of it, he made a comical reference to how the butcher named it after his dog. He made a dog inside a bun covered in mustard, so he just called it a hot dog. And apparently the rest of the population found it hard to pronounce too, so everyone was happy with the name Ted’s ignorance spurred Hot Dog..

Why Do We Call The Red Crustacean a “lobster”?

Why do we call the delicious red crustacean a “lobster”? It has more old more origins than you might think. Lobsters were famous in the new world in the places like New Brunswick, Shediac and Nova Scotia, where the largest ever lobster was caught in the history of mankind. Even though Scotia is not considered the world capital of Lobster it has been a place of interest for lobster enthusiasts because of the record holding lobsters there. That lobster weighted 44.4 pounds that is heavier than some humans. Now days people don’t lobster each day and the dinning’s that serve it are often of high order. But before the 20th century lobster was for poor people. Lobster were common in port city, where the society was often middle class hard worker and not fancy rich men. Though that has changed recently…

The word itself comes from the dead language Latin. Poor people were said to be the equivalents of insects, that is why the latin called them the “Locusta” which means locust, an insect that resembles to the grasshopper. The word went around and changed a bit to the anglo-saxon form of today, lobster.

Why is cooking outside called a “Barbeque”?

Everybody loves BBQs, specially in summer, out in the lake behind your parents house making some really great barbeque for all of the family.. If you haven’t noticed yet the word doesn’t look anything like an English word or one with an Anglo-Saxon background. Well it’s simply because it comes from the Native Americans, when the Spanish visited an island on the Caribbean, the Arawak people showed them the barbacoa, which was a structure they used to sleep on and cook large animals on. The Spanish borrowed the word for whenever they used to cook whole large animals over a fire. The word spread out and the English called it barbecue too, but a c instead of the Q.

Did you know the first people that Christopher Columbus found out in the New Worlds which he thought was India, were the Arawaks. The Spanish said they were a primitive civilization but also peaceful and not a warrior race.

The History Of Ketchup

It all started when the Chinese mixed some herbs together and created a very nice tasting concoction of pickled fish and spices. By early 1700s, the table sauce, which was immensely popular in China gained fame elsewhere like in Malaysia. That is where it was discovered by the western civilization, England. The English fell in love with this sauce, in 1740s. It spread from there on like the Spanish flu but it wasn’t lethal like that disease. One of the places it spread to was, at the time one of the British Colonies. The 12 colonies, the United States, the inhabitants there mixed it with some tomatoes and till this day they have been like that ever since.

Others never thought of it because for most of the 18th century and before, Tomatoes were thought to be poisonous like their relatives Belladona and nightshade plants. But when the sauce made it to the colonies new discoveries favored the Tomatoes true nature, a safe healthy fruit.

Why are sweet tasting things called Candy?

The word sweetness, sweetness in candies and sugar, was called saccharon in Greek and Sacchrine in Roman. After conquering the surrounding lands, which was subsequently most of the southern Mediterranean, the Arabs conquered it in 1000 AD. They built the first sugar refinery ever on the island of Crete which is close to Greek. The factory, if you could call it that, was named Quandi, which doesn’t resemble the English word candy for nothing. The word caramel came from Arabic languages too. It was named kurat al milh meaning a sweet ball of salt.

Today they have became a staple in the American society, they are virtual consumed every minute, every day by someone, somewhere.

Why is the word Straw in Strawberry?

Why do strawberries have the word straw in it? Well let’s look at some of the other nations and how they called it. The Germans call them erdbeeren(“earth berries”) because they grow on the ground. The Romans had the name fragaria which you probably noticed looks a lot like fragrance. Yes the Romans named it  by it’s sweet smell. The English, by design couldn’t grow the berries because of the climate. Ireland and the main island of England both had damp weathers not suitable for growing berries.  So the Brits came up with the brilliant idea of putting straws around the muddy soil to protect them from growing.

Strawberries are one of the world’s populations favorite fruits, thanks to it’s nice little shape, ability to eat with virtually anything in a cereal, with some sauce etc..

Facts about Nuts

I always see small animals eating them, and wanted to know more about them. Here are a few nutty facts about nuts.

-Eating 20-50 grams of nuts a day will reduce the risk diabetes and heart diseases.

-What is a nut exactly? Well something that has nutritive kernel inside it and is a dry fruit..

-Nuts possess a high amount of fat and protein that is why when mammals hibernate they bring plenty of nuts.

-The fats in nut are good because they lower bad cholesterol.

-Nuts have traces in lots of other aliments so if you are allergic you should always be cautious.

-There are special nuts without any natural salt in them in shells.

-Peanuts, Chestnuts are from the same family as regular nuts.

-Coconuts though are not from the same family because of their nutritive proportions.

-Nuts can be in the same list of protein foods as eggs, because it contains lots protein.