Canadian Beer or American Beer?

Many Canadians are very proud of their beer,  but is it really that better. Actually it is and it isn’t, it depends on your taste if you like a harder taste or lighter. The country in the Great North have a beer that has more alcohol than that of the American one, but many analyst believe the more crisp taste comes from another factor. The ingredient is the big factor, the Canadian one is brewed with 50% more malt barley but it’s American cousin is more composed off corn which doesn’t help the taste.

Also some beer purists like the more alcohol which the Canadian one offers in greater quantity than the American beer. The Average Canadian beer has an alcohol per volume content of 5% and the American beer of 4.5%. The light Canadian beer has a rate of 4%, while the American one is at 3.8%. The British/European beer still beats all those stats with an average of 5% alcohol.