Can You Skewer a Balloon Without Popping It

Can You Skewer a Balloon Without Popping It?

Balloons are such fun and colorful playthings that never fail to catch anyone’s attention, regardless of age and gender.  Kids especially love looking at bright balloons floating in the air.   For the much older generation, balloons are often given together with flowers as a way of showing the recipient that they are special.

But one problem with handling balloons is that they easily pop!  They pop when sharp objects come in contact with it, or if gets exposed to too much heat.  This can get very troublesome, and many parents know how hard it is to calm a child if his balloon popped.  Oftentimes, a new balloon would have to be bought just to stop a crying.

But is it even possible to pierce through a whole balloon without popping it?  Although it might sound like an impossible task that would only be shown in magic shows, it actually is possible!

Sure, if you get a needle and poke it through a balloon just about anywhere, it will pop.  So, how will you even pierce a balloon from one end to another without popping it?

The answer is pretty simple.

Balloons are made of rubber.  When you pierce through the stretched portion of the balloon, the rubber will rip, causing the balloon to pop.

But not all parts of the balloon are stretched to its full extent when blown up.  Try observing a balloon and see that there is a darker patch of rubber in certain places.  This is usually found in the neck of the balloon where the knot is tied, and the direct opposite of it, which is the tip of the balloon.

If you put a skewer in these unstretched portions of the balloon, you can successfully do so without popping it.   Remember, the key is to look for the unstretched portions and pierce through the balloon in these areas.  You can also use lubrication for it to become easier.  Another trick would be to put scotch tape on the area you want to pierce through before skewering it.

And there you have it – how you can skewer a balloon without popping it.

It makes for a great experiment you and your friends can do at home.  You can even amaze your friends and family members by doing it as a magic trick.  Just remember to be careful when handling sharp objects.  Also, try not to get too close to the balloon in case you don’t do it right and it pops.