Can You Really Cook an Egg Between Two Cellular Phones


Ever since cellular telephones were introduced, people have been suspicious that the phones may have ill effects on their health.  Of primary concern is radiation that the phones emit.  You may have seen video or read articles about people using two cellular phones to cook popcorn or even an egg.  After watching the videos or reading the articles, many people wonder what the effect of a cellular phone is on a human brain if the phone produces enough radiation to cook popcorn or eggs.  This is reasonable enough, except that these videos and articles that are circulating are actually not real.  The idea of using cellular phones to cook was first introduced on a website in 2000 as a spoof, actually to make fun of people who have fears about the health implications of new technologies.  He had no idea how many people would take his spoof seriously and how it would spread around the world.  In 2006 a Russian tabloid revived the spoof, which only renewed people’s fears.  The spoof was resurrected again in 2008 in a video which was actually part of a Bluetooth headset manufacturer’s marketing ploy.  In reality, all attempts to recreate these spoofs in real life have been unsuccessful and the eggs in the experiments didn’t even get warm, let alone cook.  Some people have even gone so far as to analyze this problem on the basis of physics and prove it impossible based on the actual amount of radiation emitted from cellular phones and other factors.  Even if a large number of cell phones were to be used, it’s extremely unlikely that they would be able to cook an egg.  It’s true that we may not know the long term effects of using all of our latest technological gadgets, including mobile phones, on our health.  However, there is no need to be concerned that your mobile device is cooking your brain like an egg.

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  1. Microwaves generate heat by increasing the vibration energy of atoms. So it can be used in cooking. But celphones emit radio waves which cannot generate heat.

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