Can You Perform Sex while Laughing Out Loudly?

When humans cannot perform healthy sexual activity, their holistic health and well-being are greatly affected. Since humans are born as sexual creatures by nature, their mind, body and spirit do not work well if they are deprived of sexual desire and performance.

Fun and sex play a major role in a person’s mood because people are born to have fun, and sex is a primary ingredient to have fun and enjoyment. Man deserves to have a routine, robust expression of sexual desire and sex is fun that should not be imposed upon him nor give him any harm.

Cases concerning lack of sexual activity as well as lack of sexual libido are becoming a big problem nowadays due to stress, and the rate of erectile dysfunction and sexual appetite is fast increasing. We are all aware that the ordinary causes of sexual dysfunction are greater today than in the past. Apart from wrong diet and physical deficiency which play a major role in a healthy sexual life, the primary cause of sexual dissatisfaction is stress.

As man becomes adult, he tends to believe that he must be a responsible and productive person by portraying a formal or serious aura devoid of fun. Man makes the biggest mistake of believing that fun and humor are only applicable to recreational activities. The bad effects of becoming too serious in our lives are shown in symptoms such as bad health, stress, increasing pain, weak energy, declining creativity, and many more.

Sense of humor is a natural treatment to various health concerns and a powerful remedy to stress. A simple smile can signify a simple sign for sexual desire and a key to improved sexual satisfaction. A wholesome smile never offends anybody and it is a positive sign for fun, comfort and appreciation. In whatever kind of circumstances you are, smile is the best way to diffuse tension and stress, allowing a sense of humor to neutralize problems in a natural way.

Smile harnesses sexuality since it immediately reduces stress brought about by anger and disappointment, and provides you with extra energy and creativity. When a couple has a conflict, a simple smile would turn all the tension present in their argument into a sexual urge (men are expert on this) and women have no way but to give in, transforming the existing quarrel into a magical sexual activity.

Even if your smile is just a pretense, still it attracts a reciprocal action from your mate because a smile connotes an open invitation. If you always think that a smile is addicting and a form of virus that has a power to compel, you will certainly realize that it is easy to improve your sexual health, eliminate stress, and increase your energy that will induce your partner to reciprocate.

Smile and laugh within yourself and do not be bothered by what others believe what you are. By doing so, you gain the positive result of self-acceptance and you employ the philosophy of taking life lightly away from stress. If you smile and laugh frequently, it is easier to accept failures in life and let go. This way, you are not setting up your own expectations in the outcome of goals that lead to stress.