Can We Use Magnets for Treatment of Diseases


Can We Use Magnets for Treatment of Diseases?

Magnets are everywhere; they are important part of CRT TV, speaker, microphone, generator, transformer, electric motor, burglar alarm, cassette tapes compass and car speedometer.  It is not only the traditional magnet that you use to attract metal objects.  When you open your computer, you have magnets.

In storing data, the hard drive is dependent on magnets.  Magnets are also used by some monitors to create images.  The doorbell in your home uses electromagnet to propel the bell.  Added to these significant features of magnets, they have a lot of incredible usage.

They can do something to produce current in wire and induce torque for electrical motors.  A powerful magnetic field can attract lightning and can cause small objects to rise.  Magnetic propulsion is used by maglev trains to travel at high acceleration.  Magnetic fluids can be used to put fuel in rocket engines.

The magnetic field of the earth called magnetosphere helps to protect the earth from solar wind.  Some people are able to detect electromagnetic fields by implanting tiny neodymium magnets in their fingers.  Magnets can attract certain metals and they possess North and South poles.

Opposite poles are magnetized while the same poles do not attract each other.  Electric and magnetic fields compliment each other.  Gravity, magnetism and atomic forces are important fundamental forces on earth and the universe.  Magnets produce magnetic fields and attract specific metals like iron, nickel and cobalt.

The lines of forces are released from the North Pole of magnets and penetrate its South Pole.  Strong magnets make their own magnetic field while soft magnets create magnetic field depending on the presence of strong magnetic fields.  Electromagnetic fields produce magnets whenever current travels thru the wires.

Magnetic fields are used in Magnetic Resonance Imaging to enable doctors to examine the internal organs of patients.  Pulsed electromagnetic fields are important in medicine to reform fractured bones that were deformed during the healing process.  This method has been approved by the FDA and can treat bones that did not heal in other therapeutic process.

Electromagnetic energy enables the astronauts to hinder bone and muscle loss when they stay for long in the zero-gravity atmosphere of outer space.  Magnets are used in the therapy of various diseases such as arthritis and cancer by using magnetic insoles, bracelets, necklaces, mattress pads and pillows.  How do they work to cure diseases?

Magnets have the ability to attract the iron contained in the blood hemoglobin inducing circulation in areas affected.  The magnetic field causes some changes in the structure of the cells.  However, research studies have not given confirmation on the use of static magnets to cure pain or illness.  The benefits of magnets may eventually come with the passage of time according to clinical trials.

In the past, magnets were made out of metal or alloy.  Today, there are different kinds of magnets such as ceramic magnets, alnico magnets, neodymium magnets and samarium cobalt magnets.  A lot of electronic devices nowadays use magnets to function.  They require stronger magnets than the ones produced by nature.

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  1. I don’t think that iron in heamoglobin would attract to a magnet. Magnetic property depends on electron configuration of and atome. Electronic configuration of iron atom differs from iron ion. So iron ion may not be attracted to a magnet.

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