Can a Cellular Phone Cause an Explosion at a Gas Station

If you’ve ever been to a gas station in any number of countries around the world, you may have noticed a warning sign at the pumps asking you to turn off your cellular phone while refueling.   There are numerous stories circulating around the internet and even in conventional media of people who used their mobile devices while refilling their gas tanks, leading to an explosion that destroyed the car, the pump, and sometimes the person involved.  Research has been done to try to confirm these cautionary tales but there is no evidence to support that any of them actually occurred.  While some experts insist that there is a possibility that cell phones could present a danger at a gas station, there are no real-life, verifiable accounts of it happening anywhere in the world.  Further, experimenters have tried in vain to create an explosion through the use of a cell phone at a gas station in a laboratory setting.  Some cell phone manufacturers even caution that there is a risk in public statements and cellular device documentation.  It would seem that if indeed there is a risk, it is minute.  Often when there is a fire at a gas station and someone was using a cell phone at the time it occurred, the media cites cell phone use as the cause.  Investigations into the fire always prove that there was another cause for the fire and that the use of a cell phone at the time was merely a coincidence.  Most fires at gas stations are a result of static electrical charge that comes from the driver when he is charged, often as a result of getting into and out of his vehicle repeatedly.  The bottom line is that cell phones, when working correctly, pose very little to no threat at gas stations.  One could still argue though that it’s better to err on the side of caution.

3 thoughts on “Can a Cellular Phone Cause an Explosion at a Gas Station”

  1. This article shows the truth of a myth. The myth was deducted from a faulty reasoning ignoring other factors. When there was a fire, most of the time there was a some one opertating a cell phone.Inevitable deduction is fire was started because of a cellphone.

  2. This depends on the relative concentration of gas fumes, and the type of celular , there are at least two cases where there is uncontrovertible evidence , but the experiment is simple enough.

    put a cup of gasoline in a bucket and drop a working “open” celular into it. just keep your face away, and perepare some burn unguent,

    good luck

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