Can’t Sleep? Drink Milk

When we can’t fall asleep, our parents often prepare a glass of warm milk before our bedtime.  They say it helps get us to sleep, and indeed it does!  But why is milk a good aide for sleeping?  What’s in it that helps an individual feel sleepy?

Milk is actually a rich source of tryptophan, which is an amino acid.  This is the magical stuff that helps us get to sleep.  Once it reaches your brain, it increases production of serotonin, which is a neurotransmitter that aids in making you feel sleepy.  For every eight ounce glass of milk, there are more or less 112 milligrams of tryptophan, so you’ll surely feel sleepy after drinking a warm glass of milk before your bedtime.

Also, milk contains carbohydrates that also help boost production of serotonin.  This is also the reason why after eating a big serving of pasta, which is also carbohydrates, you also feel sleepy.

Lastly, when you take your milk warm, it helps soothe and comfort you, compared to cold drinks that usually give an awakening jolt to your system.  All these combined together work its magic in sending you off to dreamland in just a matter of time.

There is also a new type of milk being launched that is made specifically for aiding sleep.  This type of milk has higher melatonin levels that helps regulate the body clock and get us to sleep.  Melatonin is a natural hormone that is responsible for controlling sleep patterns and it is even used in the medical field as a drug that helps individuals suffering from chronic sleep problems.

This melatonin acts by telling your body that it is night time, and that it’s ready for you to go to sleep.  It then lowers down your body temperature, which is essential for a complete night’s sleep.

All these factors present in milk can really help in making you feel sleepy.  That’s why if you can’t sleep at night, all you have to do is prepare a warm glass of milk to drink before your bedtime.  The tryptophan in milk will do the rest of the job for you, and in no time you’ll feel sleepy and be able to get to sleep.

So the next time your parents give you a warm glass of milk before going to bed, don’t protest!  This is a good thing for you, and it actually works.

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  1. I no longer enjoy drinking milk. However, there is always hot tea or the plethora of the new sleep drinks like minichill and dream water.

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