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The Brain is an amazing piece of hardware. It is like a supercomputer that can solve problems, receive and respond to messages, create stories, and play video games. Can you believe that your brain along with the nervous system does all that, and more? It is so much more than a computer.

Your brain does the thinking. The approximate amount of thoughts the brain processes a day is 70,000 thoughts. It sends important messages through your nervous system. You don’t even have to think of things yourself. Your brain does it for you. For example, it tells you to breath, do you ever think about breathing? Even while you are sleeping it gives your body the signal to keep breathing. It tells your legs to walk to get to the kitchen because the microwave is beeping and you need to get your popcorn, or maybe run with the football instead of being tackled.

Ever wonder why you feel out of control with emotion? That is because your brain controls feelings. Like when you feel happy or sad, love or anger, including fear. These are all signals from your brain. Think about it. Do you have to think before you want to be happy or sad? No, when and event or situation occurs your brain says good or bad. It tells you to smile or cry.


The brain is made of about 100 billion nerve cells.

From the 100 billion neurons in the brain, the galaxy has the same number of stars.

It looks similar to a blob of grayish-pink jelly with a wrinkly surface, divided into sections.

Blood vessels carry oxygen and nutritive substance to the brain cells and also remove waste.

The skull is the bone that protects the brain. There is also, tissue-like skin and liquid that is a barrier between the brain and skull.

When you’re born your brain only weights 3/4 of a pound or 350-400g. An adult brain weights about 3 pounds or 1300-1400g.

Albert Einstein’s brain actually weighed less than the average brain, weighting in at 2.71 pounds or 1,230g. Now, I bet you wish your brain was smaller.

Did you know that when a woman is pregnant, the baby’s brain is growing so quickly at one stage, the tiny brain is producing a quarter of a million new baby neurons every minute! That is why an expectant mother gets so tired. Boy or Girl, I’ll buy that for a dollar.


That amazing brain is divided into three major parts. They are called the cerebrum, the cerebellum, and last but not least, the brain stem. The larger portion is the cerebrum. In back, beneath the cerebrum sits the cerebellum. And the brain stem is attached to the spinal cord at the bottom back part of the brain.

Now you need to know that the cerebrum and the cerebellum are sectioned in two parts. They are as we know the right brain and the left brain. Can you guess which side controls which side of your body? Well, as they say opposites attract. The right side of your brain works for the left side of the body and the left side of the brain works for the right side of the body. The nerves cross over from the right and left side of the body and cross again as they reach the brain. If you ask me after that my eyes are crossed.

And did you know that the left side of your brain has 186 additional neuron than, the right side of your brain? I don’t know about you but I’m feeling a little lop sided.


The cerebrum is the biggest portion of the brain. This part, the cerebrum deciphers troubles and composes your needs. It’s kind of like a Gene in a bottle that grants wishes!

This is where all the thinking takes place. The language you speak and the expression of emotions come from your cerebrum. Especially from your cerebral cortex that is on the outside of your cerebrum.

Here are a few facts about the cerebral cortex:

If you were to stretch the cerebral cortex out it measures 2 and 1/2 square feet. That is the equivalent of the area of your night stand. Think about that when you roll over in bed tonight.

85% of the brain is comprised of the cerebral cortex.

If you want a little more detail about the cerebral cortex, the percentage of the actual volume is in the frontal lobe at 41%, the temporal lobe at 22%, the parietal lobe at 19%, and the occipital lobe at 18%.

Back to the cerebrum, this is the indicator of the senses. Signals are carried via the nerves. These signals are what allow you the sense of smell, taste, and feel. All, this from the cerebrum, now wave your hands in the air and wave them like you just don’t care. Your cerebrum did that.


Your body movements are synchronized and harmonized by the cerebellum. It takes a cerebellum to hit a home run. Your cerebrum will tell your hands and arms to move, but your cerebellum will coordinate for precision in order for you to drive it out of the yard. Yea!

Here’s a fun fact: The cerebellum makes up only 10% of the brain, but holds up to half the neurons in the entire brain.

Cerebellum’s the name and balance is its game.


While you’re doing all the things you think are important, your brain stem is at work keeping you alive and doing the things you don’t even think about. Do you even think about it when touching something excruciatingly hot, no you just pull back without even thinking?

Most importantly the brain stem keeps the heart pumping, the lungs breathing, and eyes blinking so you can worry about other things. Like whether you look cool enough for the gang. You go!


You know the system that only your brain, nerves, and spinal cord run through the entire body. It carries messages and signals to all your organs and muscles. If it didn’t you would just be a big something of mess. All your nerves are packaged and make up the spinal cord. These nerves are coordinated throughout the body to the different areas that need to receive important messages. Like that finger that you scratch your nose with. Of course, your spinal cord has protection. The backbone always got its back. Get it? Back.

More fun facts:

A man’s spinal cord is about 45cm long, and a woman’s is about 43cm long.

The equivalent of 3 full soda cans of blood flow through the brain each minute.

In the same minute 46cm cubed of oxygen will consume by the brain through the same blood.

Brain cell begin to die about 4 to 6 minutes after being cut off from oxygen. That, 4 to 6 minutes can save a life.

It takes about 10 seconds to fold unconscious, or in other words pass out, after blood is cut off from the brain.

Your brain uses 20 percent of your entire body’s energy, even though it is only 2 percent of your body weight.

That explains why I get more tired solving a difficult math problem than playing a good game of basketball.

Americans consume 15.5 tons of aspirin each year. How does that relate to the brain, I’m not sure? But if we looked into it, it probably doesn’t.


If you don’t us it, you’ll loose it. It has been studied by scientist that stimulating your mind daily, your brain will strengthen and grow to meet new challenges. Maintaining a strong brain will prevent some types of mental illnesses. You don’t want mental illness. So, give your brain a daily work out. There are a lot of brain teasers of games that you can play to upkeep your thinker. Boosting your thought processing, memory, and reasoning skills will keep you in shape for the long haul.

The brain shrinks 0.25% in mass each year following the age of 30. Bet those brain exercises look good right about now.

To brain, or not to brain, that is the question.

Here’s a brain joke for you:

What did the brain say to the other brain? I don’t know, it was thinking about it.

Brain energy can actually light up a 25 watt light bulb.

Your brain generates more electronic impulses in one day, than all telephones in the world put together.

March is the month of Brain Awareness Week, along with National Brain Injury Awareness and Mental Retardation Awareness.

The brain is a vital part of your body. Its function reflects in your life and the lives of others. Maintain a healthy brain to have knowledge and share knowledge. It is important to be aware and care. Brain is power.

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  2. I strongly feel that comparing brains to computers is not right. Human brains are much more an interesting phenomenon than computers. After all computers are the brainchild of a human only.

  3. I am reading what you wrote.You have made new nerve associations in your brain by writing. I made new nerve associations in my brain by reading. Are they same?

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  5. The medulla does control breathing but it is a part of the brain….soooooo technically the brain does control breathing.

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