Bollywood vs. Hollywood

It seems that Bollywood is catching up to Hollywood. Bollywood was born in 1899. Hollywood came along in 1910. It is actually amazing to me that Bollywood produces more films than Hollywood. It is located in the heart of India in Bombay. Bollywood actually produces 5 times the amount of movies then Hollywood does. The actors and actresses work harder then those of Hollywood films and for less money. Usually, they will be working on a few films at a time. Well they must be doing something right. The Bollywood films not without their problems. The plot lines seem to all be about love and there is no variety. How many times can you watch a love film without getting bored? Apart from this bollywood, viewers exceed Hollywood viewers.

Then there are those who rave about the Bollywood film industry. There are films on the list that should be seen in order for an individual to get the full effect of these movies. One such film is Dil Chata Hai. It is more westernized and apparently won an Oscar. The costumes and props in most of these films are amazing. I would probably want to watch more just for the costumes!  The men are usually as pretty as the women are which just seems wrong! They are usually a dance performance and can at times be too cheesy. Well I guess a vast portion of the world loves the cheese because these films are viewed in Pakistan, Israel, Arab regions, Africa and even the USSR. That surprised me. I had no idea Russians were interested in Bollywood?

Therefore, this begs the question. How important is Bollywood to Hollywood? It would seem they are looking at new focuses from the recent release of The Love Guru. Bollywood growing popularity comes from their stars too. Aishwarya Rai a prominent actor has gained popularity in our western world.  The first time I saw a picture of her I thought she was stunning! No wonder she was the former Miss World! She has appeared in such television shows as 60 minutes and Oprah Winfrey. You know if you get to appear on Oprah, you are going places. Bollywood is definitely trying to influence our western way of thinking by incorporating English into their films. In fact there are films that are now entirely in English. Okay, so that is a good start.

Well Hollywood and Bollywood have something in common, “Scandal”. There are rumors of how Bollywood films are funded. Of course, we all know there is daily scandal surrounding Hollywood and its stars. Someone is divorcing, separating, cheating etc. All you have to do is walk into any convenience, drug or supermarket to learn the latest Hollywood gossip. Let us face it we are all entranced with Hollywood stars. If there weren’t so much scandal and intrigue, how would they sell magazines? Will Bollywood ever entrance us the same way? Is Bollywood destined to remain in the shadows of the Hollywood empire?