Bodum Tea Pot Review

The British they love their tea, so do millions of other people around the globe. Tea pots have existed for a long time but they have never been as useful and practical as nowadays. And like I said, the British love tea pots but who could make the ultimate Tea Pot to please them. They asked Bodum, who make all the great kitchen appliances in Europe and few other places. The Danish company, Bodum, they make the best tea pots.  You can just put the leaves in the middle without it getting mixed with the actual tea. Press the presser and the brewing begins. Just repress the presser to stop the brewing, but when grabbing the tea pot, be wary they aren’t always heat protected, so you might get a little burn. But the real quality of these tea pots is that they are really easy to clean, a teabag? Easy… Leaves? Easy. I have one, I dropped it so many times but it is built like a bull, so sturdy, just doesn’t break.  Some things to note about this appliance is, the Bodum models are designated for the British Council, the common to average size has 32 ounce capacity, it has a stainless steel on the lid. If you don’t care about all the cool capabilities than you might be attracted by Bodum’s stylish designs.  There is the stainless steel version of the pot and the plastic pot, plastic pots are called more reliable.