Blogging your way to an education

The Internet is a great place to learn things. But did you know it is also a great way to open up opportunities for learning in the real world? It’s true!

Of course we can all name tech giants like Mark Zuckerberg who dropped out of college and went on to become millionaires. But times have changed. Tech companies in Silicon Valley are now populated with computer science graduates from Stanford, UC Berkeley and other great schools from all over the world. These jobs have gotten very competitive, especially now, and even if you have the skills, you will need a degree to compete.

Sure, you say, you can learn a lot in the real world in expensive colleges. But what good does it do you if you if you graduate college and find yourself living in Zuccotti Park, saddled with the weight of more student loans and college debt than you can ever repay? Nothing can beat the price of learning what you need to know in the blogosphere: absolutely free. Well, I have news for you. A college education doesn’t have to be expensive. There are lots of scholarships and tuition assistance programs out there that I am sure you have never even thought of. And the Internet is a great place to start.

For example, a quick Google search will lead you to scholarship contests like the Chick and Sophie Major Memorial Duck Calling Contest, which awards $2,000 every year to the high school senior with the most convincing duck call. You may have all sorts of obscure skills you didn’t know were valuable. Can you speak Klingon? Can you predict the future? It could be your ticket to a college scholarship. But I guess you already knew that, didn’t you?

If you can’t find a scholarship to match your existing obscure skills, maybe it’s time to create new ones. Work study programs help students learn the vital skill of stacking library books while they are learning about Kirkegaard and titration. And then there are organizations like the coast guard, which can help you pay for a college education in exchange for your service. Coast Guard tuition assistance takes a number of different forms and is a great way to serve your country while getting the education you need to succeed once you move on from the armed forces.

Do a Google search today to find the right financial aid program for your particular skills and background. With the right educational opportunities, someday you might be working for Google!