Birthday Traditions From Around The World

Every now and then, people regroup to celebrate a birthday, theirs or of another person they know.

The term given by the Princeton worldnetweb dictionary is the following “an anniversary of the day on which a person was born (or the celebration of it)”.

What I am ,and most people are interested are the celebrations. In  different parts of the world, in  different cultures, the ways of celebration vary. Here are few, that in my opinion, stand out.

Before I just go on and list  different traditions, lets see how all this got started.

The tradition of birthday parties, celebrating one’s birth, started in Europe a longtime ago. Their importance and rewards were different, nowadays people celebrating their 18th birthday are more happy about getting the right to drive (the age varies in different countries) rather than trying to ward off evil spirits.  Yes, when it all began it was about warding off malicious spirits therefor when it was your birthday your friends would give you gifts and their well thought to protect you.

In Quebec, Canada, the birthday child receives punches (mostly done between friends), the amount is equal to your age and one extra punch for good luck.

In China, the kid receives money from his parents, family relatives and friends in an envelope. Also, they eat noodles so the birthday kid has a long life.

In many Latin American countries, Argentina, Bolivia, Mexico, Columbia, Brazil and many more. A girl’s 15th birthday is called the Quinceañera” , most of the time it includes the girl dancing the waltz with close male friends and her father. This birthday is considered the most important for the girl, it can be compared to the sweet sixteen, that America has.

In Denmark, the family will put up a flag outside their home, signaling that they have a birthday in their house. When the birthday kid will be sleeping gifts will be installed around his bed, upon waking up he will surprised.

In India, it is a good tradition to wear bright colors at your birthday and when your in school you have to give sweets to your comrades.

Many European countries, Italy, England, Germany and more, have a tradition of pulling the ear as many  times as the birthday kid’s age.