Bible Fun Facts

The bible is universal and known around the world but what makes it so important? Well the fact is there has never been a book written like it ever before. The bible is in fact written from actual human history.It claims to be the word of god and his interactions with people and nations. The bible is in reality a collection of books. Some short and some longer. The authors were touched by the Holy Spirit to write the words.Here are some points to consider.

-The Bible is the most shoplifted book in the world. That should tell you something!

-about 50 bibles are sold every minute

-the bible was written by over 40 authors

-written from three continents-Asia, Africa, Europe

-written in different places like prison, islands, traveling

-at different times covering 1,500 yrs by shepherds, fishermen, kings and more

Here are some more fun facts:

– Did you know that the word bible comes from a greek word Biblia which means, “books”.Of course that would make sense since the bible is made up of books.

– The bible is actually made up of 773,692 words and would take someone 70 hours to read!

– The Old Testament was written in Hebrew and the New Testament was written in Greek but now the bible is written in 6,000 different languages around the world!

– The Star of Bethlehem was reported by Matthew but at the same time the Chinese were discovering it and thought it was just an unknown star.

-Abraham was the first person in the Bible to be called a Hebrew.

-Pharoahs ruled Egypt for 3,000 years.

-The oldest person in the bible was actually Methuselah. He died at the age of 969 years old. Imagine living that long!

-There were two men in the bible who never died! There names were Enoch and Elijah and God brought took them to heaven.

-The strongest man in the Bible was Samson.

-The wisest man in the Bible was Solomon.

-The greatest warrior was Gideon. With gods help he defeated 135,000 Midianites.

-The acclaimed King Solomon had 700 wives and 300 mistresses or concubines as they were called back then.

-The tallest man in the bible was Goliath who was massive at 9 and a half feet tall!

-There were 12 tribes in Israel and 12 disciples of God.

-If you notice the number 40 is used continually in the Bible to hasten in something new. Examples:
rained lasted 40 days
Jesus fasted for 40 days

-a raven was the first animal to emerge from the ark.

-the number 7 comes up many times in the scriptures.

-The words,”Don’t Be Afraid” appear 365 times in the Bible the same amount of days in the year. Now that one is proliphic!

There are also some interesting facts about angels. The angels were truly a part of Gods plan for the world and helped him with his crusade. Here are some facts:

-the bible reveals what they looked like

-it is explained why they were so important

-they ministered to those who needed salvation

-angels spread good words, fought in battle, protected Gods children

-angels were used to execute judgements

To continue with fun facts in general:

-The word “Christian” only appears 3 times in the Bible.

-The covering on the tabernacle was made out of ram skins and sea cow hides!

-Amazingly there are seven suicides recorded in the Bible. It is very strange to think anyone would want to die?

-The word “Trinity” is never mentioned in the Bible.

-A chariot would cost the equivalent today of 77,000 dollars.

We all know about the plagues of Egypt but how many of us could list them. Well here are the facts:

1.water turn to blood


3.lice and fleas

4.diseased cows


6.boils and sores




10.death of firstborns

Okay, so that was bad enough but then there were the 7 last plagues which are:


2.Sea turns to blood

3.People were burned by the sun


5.River Euphrates dries up


During the 6th Century was most customary to say, “God Bless You” and congratulate people who sneezed. It was thought they were expelling evil from thier bodies! That is something to think about when we use the term these days.

The very last word used in the bible is “Amen”.

– Caves were used to keep animals cool in the intense heat. It is thought Jesus was born in a cave.

We all know how important the Ark was in saving Noah and his family and animals from the flood but perhaps you did not know some of these fun facts:

-the flood happened about 4,300 year ago

-the family was on the ark for over a year

-the ark was huge and safe

-dinosaurs were on the ark

-god shut the doors of the ark

-they think the ark landed in the middle east

-if you are wondering where the flood water went they ran into the oceans

There are different types of prayers listed in the bible. Here they are:










There is one question that we would all like to know:

Where was Jesus buried when he died? Well the bible says he was laid to rest in a burial shroud in Italy. The first record of this shroud dates back to 1353. It was turned over to church officials in Turin. Modern day scientists can not even tell if it is real. There is no way of knowing who is wrapped up in that tomb. However, there were coins placed over thier eyes and they came from the era of Christ! Could it be the saviour? Will we ever know?

Finally, to finish our bible facts. Did you know that the bible is actually biased towards the right-hand of man. If you think about it, the right hand makes the blessing and the sign of the cross.The bible contains 100 positive statements about the right hand. It was thought that those to the right of Christ would inherit the earth. Those to left would burn in hell! It is thought that the devil floats around a person’s left shoulder. That is why today we throw salt over our left shoulder. It is actually a way to ward off the devil! I think I will start throwing salt over my shoulder!

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  1. I have many questions about our bible. I am a fairly new believer and I am searching for some answers. Such as, what is the significants if the number 7? Proverbs 3:5 states lean not on your understanding but on what you can do for him. Our only understanding is our written word of God. Another question I have but try not to dwell on is that the messiah had to be a blood line of david. But an angel pregnated Mary not Joseph. Is it possible an angel used Joseph sperm? I am not nor would I ever debate Jesus’s existance. I am just searching for some clarity that my pastor hasnt really been able to clear up.

  2. If the messiah had to be by requirement a descendent of david and Mary was impregnated by an angel and not Joseph who was a descendent of david. Is there a possibility for a peice of scripture to be missing? or was Mary a descendent of david as well? Dont get me wrong. I dont doubt Christ. Just this has been gnawing at me and I am searching for answers.

  3. @jordan
    I would love to try and explain, or at least what I know I will tell. The blood line to Jesus had to be pure from Adam to Christ. This is why there was a flood and Noah. The sons of God ( Fallen Angels ) married daughters of men and their offspring were Giants.(Genesis6:1-4) The blood line from Adam to Christ was now in jeopordy. This was Satans plan all along. After all, if Satan could contaminate that bloodline, then he would stop Gods plan of Salvation through his son Jesus. This was a sin that had to be stopped and the only way was to kill all the world with a flood. Read Genesis. Chapter 6, Read carefully verse 9 as God choose Noah, why? Because he was perfect in his generation. What generation? The generation of the uncontaminated bloodline to Christ. It is their in black and white, you just have to put it together. If you do not believe the Fallen angel theory, Remember, God was about to destroy all flesh, yet in verse 4, The Bible tells us that the offspring (Giants)of the union between the Fallen angels and women would be in the earth in those days, and also after that. After that? But God is about to destroy all flesh. Right, this means These offspring were not flesh. Also go to the new testiment, Jude tells us in verse 6 and 7 how the angels which kept not their first estate (fallen angels). Notice verse 7 explains how these angels were guilty of the same sin as Sodom and Gomorha(fornication and going after strange flesh) Read 2 Peter 2:4-5. I have much more to add to this, but only if you are interested

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