Better a Witty Fool than a Foolish Wit

You must have your wits about you if you want to get ahead in this world. As we have moved from the Stone Age into the technology age, our way of survival has shifted. It can be survival of the wittiest rather than survival of the fittest. A lifestyle infused with technology has us using our minds faster and smarter then ever.

Unfortunately, when it comes to wit, we are not all endowed with the power to eloquently wit ourselves through life. But, as the title reads: Better a Witty Fool than a Foolish Wit.

The appeal of a witty person draws our attention. This person usually being calm and collected gives thought to everything that comes out of his or her mouth. Every word has a meaning, and every meaning entails the humorous side of things. They entertain and teach us their views and understanding on life, which is usually wide. Some of them are very wise and convincing. As it seems they know what they’re doing, they are naturally given the lead.

A natural wit is rare but there are many out there willing to play the role. At these times when things are moving fast playing a wit is as close at it gets. So be aware of those who pose as if they have wit. Only a fool would dare to attempt this. A fool and wit don’t mix. Fools miss the real connections to bring together the true nature of wit.

Compare a foolish wit to a download that doesn’t work. It fills up your files with useless stuff. A fool can only connect the things within the limit of his or her world. Some fools are clever but it doesn’t substitute for wit. It just allows them to cleverly create ideas that sound convincing but is not likely to be true. A foolish wit tries to get ahead on lies, only to be cut off and disconnected. Being a foolish wit will get you nowhere in this life today.

But there are two kinds of fools. Fools with bad intention and fools with good intention.

A witty fool is your safer bet. A witty fool knows his or her limit. They are able to keep on-line. A witty fool makes some of the connections but doesn’t use them to forge ahead. They know their limitations and leave to the true wit to lead the way.

Yes, having wit is a plus in society today. But not everyone is meant to be the wit of the party. If you want to be witty, you must make the connections. Take your time to learn about the things that interest you. Connect them to the things in life. When the connection is right, you’ll feel the surge. That’s when you know you’ve got something. Just as technology connects us today, it gets the job done. True wit infuses us with knowledge, but placed in the hands of a fool it cannot boot.

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