Best Video Capture Software

Capturing what’s going on your screen can be important; some people make helpful videos for others or just to have fun. Either way what you want is software that is capable of capturing your work while not interfering within it or slowing it down.

Camtasia Studio

One of the best video capture software out there, its performance and reliability are unbelievable. The software at first glance looks complex but it is very easy to get into, it also comes in with an in depth tutorial for beginners and even with some tricks for more advanced users. Camtasia has one of the best audio recording systems and most recordings without any tweaking will run at a solid 30fps. One another thing it does is rendering, not only video capture have  this feature, many users will have to use another program such as Sony Vegas to deal with the rendering to reduce the massive size of these videos but Camtasia has this feature built in. A few of the negatives are that you cannot add effects within the software; you need another application for that. That might not be such a big deal but the price for Camtasia might be too much for some who just want capture footage casually.


This is another software that is very well known but for very different reasons than Camtasia. Fraps’s interface and design has no complexity but that doesn’t mean it lacks the features to make it a great program. One could even argue the simple design of the interface is better than the more complex and professional one of Camtasia. Fraps will deliver the same quality that Camtasia does, it has a wide range resolutions it can capture all up to 30 fps. Another advantage for Fraps is it’s relatively cheap price compared to the $300 of Camtasia. The most recent version of Fraps will cost you only about $37. Fraps doesn’t have many other capabilities other than capturing the video unlike Camtasia. A negative for Fraps is the many browser plugins it tries to install during the installation process, you got to be careful if you don’t want intrusive search bars in your browser.

There are a few other applications for capturing video but these two are the very best in my eyes and with the experiences I’ve had with them. Hopefully this helps you choose a video capture software.