Believers in the World Fear the Magical Spell of 666

The Book of Revelation revealed that 666 is the number of the devil and prediction of the earth’s doom brought by evil goes within the dates involving this number as in 6/6/06. Do you believe in this, or you think it’s a myth?

In 1485, Philip Stevens, an anthropologist said that fears brought by this number as the dreaded mark of Satan, are based on the misinterpretation of the relevant content in Revelation, Chapter 13. He said that fear of the numbers 13 and 666 are examples of imaginative thinking, such fears having driven some theorists to claim that the number 666 is hidden in product codes.

Contrary to spiritual belief, the biblical content shows that the number doesn’t signify Satan; it is a stamp that the Devil would give anyone who will accept his will. Further, the beast isn’t Satan, he added, but several other representations.

A lot of strange statements are revealed in the Revelation signifying events, people or institutions related to the first-century Christians. The number 666 is used for all people who are against the emperor and opposed to Christianity.

The beast stated in the Bible is not Satan but rather someone representing him, therefore, the marking of the beast was authorized by Satan, and 666 has been known to be associated with the devil. God has warned in the Bible that anyone who worships the beast or his image and accepts the devil’s mark on his forehead will experience the fury of God.

The beast will appear to people as a glorious being and he will declare himself as God. He will use many different names totaling to 666 names. The marking of the beast is his name in any of his 666 names. That means, you receive the devil’s mark by accepting any one of the beast’s 666 names.

You might want to ask why the beast needs so many names. It is because he wants to get the nod from every person on earth. He carefully selects his blasphemous names on his list so that any of those will have an appeal to every person on earth.

He will introduce his name as Allah or Imam Mahdi to the Muslims, Maitreya Buddha to the Buddhists, Jesus Christ to the Christians, Krishna to the Hindus, Messiah to the Jews, Saoshyant to the Zoroastrians, the Dark Lord to satanists, and so much more from the whole list of 666 names.

His aim is to get the allegiance of every person on earth to be a member of his flock to worship him.

As a proof of belief on this stern warning, authorities have re-numbered various highways in the U.S. previously numbered 666. The 666 street number of the house that President Ronald Reagan purchased in Bel Air, California has already been changed.

Theorists believe that the number 666 is secretly encoded in the country’s banking system, medical and government records and in personal documents as a way to penetrate and conquer anyone, anytime.