Beauty Sounds as Ugly, as Ugliness Sounds Beautiful

What is beauty, anyway? Are we talking about superficial beauty? The things people do to stay beautiful these days are insane. On the other hand, if you are not beautiful, people don’t give you the time of day. Wait, I just thought of something. Are the people that spend all their time and money on beauty, the same people that won’t give you the time of day? There we have it. We should just let the superficial people alone in their little bubbles. And the people who can’t get the time of day should buy a watch.

Let’s face it people. We have lost the true sense of beauty. The key word here is sense. Beauty is something we sense. We sense beauty through an object that gives us a heightened sense of awareness, that something great is in our presence. For example, take a rose. Most people think the red rose is beautiful. The deep red peddles, long stems, delicate leaves, and the contrasting thorns. But, what made us decide it is beautiful? It is merely the sense that the rose is something amazing. Aw! It’s beautiful.

So, now we know why everyone wants to be beautiful. People who are not so amazing want to look amazing. Funny thing though, in the end people usually figure out you’re not so amazing. Ugly people have the same problem. You know who you are. I know everyone keeps telling you it’s the inner beauty that counts. But that doesn’t make you amazing. It is not in beauty that we’ll find what makes us amazing. Yes, now I am going to tell you that we all have something amazing about us.

First, I want to tell you the nature of naturally beautiful people. Beauty is a gift to those who have a purpose. They have the natural ability to attract peoples’ attention, which should be used to benefit others. People look to them for leadership. Unfortunately, this is mistaken for self purpose and creates a monster. Few understand and are able to fight off those demons and are able to fulfill their true purpose. It is even more unfortunate for those who try to imitate a beautiful person. They are really lost.

Let’s get back to us all having something amazing to give. The amazing things that will have people take notice, and maybe even give you the time. Despite our outer appearance, as long as you keep it clean, we all have a purpose in life. Instead of trying to draw attention by the outer appearance that is unnatural to you, you will naturally draw attention when you are doing what you do best.

True beauty is not in someone beautiful, or hiding behind someone ugly. It is a person who respects themselves enough to know that they have something amazing to give to this world. It won’t matter what you look like on the outside. I mean you don’t have to be a super model. You do want to take good care of yourself, though. Good care for one’s self reflects self-respect, which is beautiful in itself.

Do not over do the beauty. And don’t use ugliness as an excuse. We all have something to give. Find out what it is for you and get to it. What is meant for you in this life will fall into place. It could be better than you expected.