Bali, The Most Interesting Tourist Spot in Indonesia

Bali became world-famous in the years 2002 and 2005 not because of its natural grandeur as a paradise island but because of terrorist attacks which resulted in the death of many people including foreign tourists.  The sensational news became widespread throughout the world and governments went to the extent of warning their citizens to exclude Bali in their holiday itineraries for the meantime, and that ultimately caused a drastic decline in its tourism.

That was a brief suspension, however, because the lure of its beautiful attractions as a paradise overwhelmed the fear of the past tragedy.  Tourists started to pour in after just a few while when security was guaranteed by Indonesian authorities to make their stay in Bali, safe and sound.

Because of its magnetic charm, Bali has been called by many people as the “Island of Gods” simply because they have in mind that Gods dwell in paradise.  Tourists are pleased with the way Balinese people preserve their ancestral culture and traditions.

They are never affected with the modern means and devices brought by Western civilization, instead, they adhere to the old ways and cultural beliefs backed by their Hindu religion.  This in fact is what makes them strong to endure and recover quickly from the horrible suicide attacks; they let their Gods rule over all matters.

This small island in the heart of Indonesia is known to be one of the best scuba diving spots in the globe.  When you come to visit Bali, you can start it at a temple to have a close encounter with their cultural values.  Watch a Hindu ceremony at Pura Besakih or the “Mother of Temple” situated in Mount Agung.  As the name implies, it is the mother of all temples in Bali that vary in size.

Shopping is also great in this place where you can find a wide selection of souvenir items, clothing and Balinese handcrafts.  Then, have fun at the Monkey Forest where numerous monkeys perform their tricks and play with the onlookers.


Watch for playful dolphins to come at the Lovina in the north and while waiting for them to appear on the sea, enjoy the wonders of creation with the captivating brilliance of the sunrise and the breathtaking scene of sea tranquility.  Have your fine dining with a glass of fine wine in the seashore at nighttime overlooking the sea and under the lights of the moon.  The tranquil atmosphere and the scenic ambience is blended with beautiful music that will truly make you feel relaxed and enjoy the warmth of nature in a cool breeze.  The next day, you will feel invigorated and re-energized to perform your planned activities for the day.

This is life in Bali; whatever happens, life goes back to normal in a natural way.  The most important thing is that the wonders of nature are always there to polish and regain any loss thru their treasures.  From the tragic past, Bali is now enjoying an unparalleled rise in its tourism industry.

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