Bald soap or shampoo?

Going bald? Well there is one possible positive to that. If you are bald or heading that way you can use soap to wash your head and save money on shampoo right? That is what I would think.

Well I did a little research to find out if bald people (by choice or not) used soap or shampoo to wash their shiny domes. And it turns out that it’s about a fifty fifty shot. Some people use plain soap and say that the skin on your head is the same skin that is on your arm so why not just use plain ole soap. However some people claim that they use shampoo because the skin on your scalp is different from the skin on the rest of your body. I also read many claims that whether they use soap or shampoo they have to use one with a moisturizer in it. They say that even though they have no hair, they still get dandruff. And I imagine they would, especially when they first have that bald little head of theirs because that skin is not used to the environment, like the sun, wind, and rain so it would go through a little bit of a change period.

Those that are bald by choice mostly chose to use shampoo. From what I found out the little stubbles of hair left after shaving, or that are starting grown back in hold in a residue from a bar of soap.

I also found out that they make a special head wash just for the bald people of the world.

So it seems to me that it is all on personal preference. Soap works fine for some and others have to wash with shampoo. But it seems to be a clean sweep that you must keep bald heads moisturized.