Bafflingly Stupid Laws

Laws are what keep people in check from doing something bad but some laws are just plain stupid. They seem to be written with a subjective tone rather than an objective tone, as what they say is something so banal that one could ignore it.

In Massachusetts, law says goats can’t legally wear trousers. I guess a sweater is fine.

In Hartford, Connecticut, you are not allowed to educate your dog. Good thing dogs don’t require much education.

In Baton Rouge, Louisiana, if you don’t like the condition of a road and complain about it in public, you can be forced to fix it yourself.

In Cheyenne, you can’t spit outside a children’s school. Another one in Wyoming, you can’t take the picture of a rabbit from January to April.

A bit of international flavour, Greece had a law from 2002/2005 which banned all electronic games, this included video games, slot machines and anything game related.

In Israel you can’t ride your bicycle without a permit thankfully the permit isn’t hard or expensive to get.

You can’t walk barefoot in Austin, Texas without some sort of permit, which costs round $5.

In Canada, a law prohibits all citizens to remove bandages in public, yes this law must have been passed when the chamber of commons was drunk.

The door of your garage and front house are regulated by the city council in Canada, in most cities the color purple is banned and will get you a hefty fine.

In Lawrence, Kansas, it is totally illegal to carry bees in your hat. Why someone would do that is a mystery but hey if there is a law it must have occurred a few times.

In Australia, it is illegal for children to buy cigarettes…So far so good; the twist is here, that legally they are allowed to smoke them.

In Japan there is no age of consent that might be a good thing for a few people…

There are a lot more stupid laws, you just need to pick up a book about law in general in America, and you will find that most of them make no sense but these were a few of the most idiotic.