ATM Machine and PIN number

So I went into this little taco joint the other day and ordered a taco salad and an order of chips and beans with a cherry cola, the cashier says “That will be eight dollars and eight four cents.” Wow, that’s cheap I think, so I go to hand her my debit card and she tells me that they don’t except cards but there is an ATM machine on the other side of the restaurant. I stop and think to my self, ATM machine, what in the heck is an automatic teller machine machine, this lady is off her rocker. (I bet you thought I was going to say I was upset they wouldn’t take my card!) No, it really bugs me when people don’t use their brains and stuff like “PIN number, and ATM machine” come out of their mouth. They need to slow down and realize that PIN is an acronym for personal identification number, and ATM is an acronym for automatic teller machine. I find that I start to look down on a person’s intelligence if they tell me to enter my personal identification number number into the automatic teller machine machine. Wouldn’t you?

I bet you are sitting there thinking about how often you have told some one you were going to use the ATM machine, or that you would not give out your PIN number. And for a little while at least you will consciously stop your self from using those terms.

Another thing that aggravates me is when someone does not care one bit about what you are telling them, so they proceed to tell you “I could care less!” Ummm, hello!! You just told me you cared, so why aren’t you listening to me? Because I hope that you have enough intelligence to understand that tell someone you could care less, means that you actually care, no matter how miniscule the amount of caring is, you still just said you care. The correct response would be “I could NOT care less” therefore insinuating that you actually do not care one iota and as a result of not caring in the least bit, you could NOT care any less than you do at this moment.

I guess the point of this little rant and rave article is to get people to slow down and think about what they are saying before they actually say it. Because, at least to me, it knocks down your intelligence level when you don’t really know what you are saying.

4 thoughts on “ATM Machine and PIN number”

  1. Luckily I am British so ATMs don’t exist here. We have “hole in the walls” or “cash machines”.
    Another thing that struck me as very odd is the use of “I could care less”. I have never in my life heard this phrase. Ever. Here, we use “I couldn’t care less”.
    Alas, as for the PIN number argument, I confess I have used this phrase knowing that it is incorrect.
    I have also used “near miss” to mean “near hit”.

  2. 28 lines to tell us that he eats “taco salad and an order of chips and beans with a cherry cola”. IN CHINA and has the audacity to criticise people who use terms that are internationally understood even if they are not exact. I don’t know where you come from but beleive me cowboy I can guess by your adventurous!!!!!spirit. Next he’ll be telling us (in 50 lines) that they use Chinese Mustard in their hot “dogs” (be careful buddy this time it may be the correct term)!

    Imagine a World Tour eating Tacos and Hot Dogs!!

  3. This is one of those pieces of article that I actually did not write, but I appreciate your feedback.

    To tell you the truth I have 5 editors for the blog I mainly write on physics others are by my editors..


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