Asthma – causes, remedy and treatment

Do you know which disease or ailment is one of the major causes for death, especially among the children living in a town or city?

It is Asthma – a type of lung condition that is chronic and gets aggravated when exposed to smoke, very cold air and some types of pollutants.

This chronic disease is a puzzle to the doctors as they could not pin-point one major reason or a cause for the incidence of this disease, at the first instance. It has been found that asthma is prevalent in some families for generations and as such, this disease is tabled as a hereditary one, though there is no concrete evidence, and as such, hereditary might be one of the factors. What all doctors agree is that asthma is basically a disease related to the lung and prefer to treat it only in such a manner.

What are the symptoms of asthma?

The major symptoms of this lung-related disease include chest tightness, trouble in breathing, and wheezing. These difficulties arise because the tiny muscles present in the path leading the air into the lung portion constrict, making it difficult to inhale or exhale, or in other words, causing broncho spasm.

Though this is a chronic disease, there is no reason to worry or fear, as you might experience an asthma attack only on specific occasions such as exposure to smoke or other contaminants present in the atmosphere, and if you are free from these hassles, you are a normal person and, as such, need not panic or worry.

It has been found that asthma attacks disappear after a period of time. Some thing like the problems of wheezing or chest tightness that is experienced in early years, especially among children, might not be a problem after the child grows up and the immune system gets stronger with age.

What could be the possible remedy for this lung-related disease?

As is with any other disease, prevention of the disease is the best than searching for treatment and remedies. In the case of asthma, the disease is related to lungs. You try to identify the triggers that cause some breathing problem or wheezing and stay away from those triggers. If you fear that cold climate or very cold air might affect your breathing, then protect yourself adequately in cold temperature and do not expose yourself to very cold conditions or air without precautions.

How to treat or overcome asthma?

As the disease is primarily related to lung and lack of immunity to outside atmosphere, there are no specific kinds of foods that can help you overcome or eliminate asthma.

As such, the golden advice of consuming more of vegetables and fruits in your daily intake of food can be followed to overcome this chronic problem. You can stand better-off if you consume at least 5 to 10 servings of fruits and vegetables on a daily basis. It would be better if your daily intake include some amount of Vitamin C, in the form of citrus fruit, because Vitamin C is found to be effective in promoting a more healthy immune system, especially among children.