As Concerned Citizens, How Can You Contribute in Preservation of the Forests?

Deforestation has already reached an alarming stage globally, and if we don’t do something to save the forests, Mother Nature will continuously take its course to bring about global disasters. The earth is now totally plagued by the loss of nature because it remains to be our primary hope in living on this planet. Perhaps unknown to many, huge forests absorb the carbon wastes from the environment mostly produced by man, and they a great source of oxygen for the earth.

The big trees out there have been propagated for so many years and if we take them out, a vital source of our life will be lost, and there is no way of taking them back. These trees hold the soil in the forest to avoid soil erosion and big flooding in lowlands. If we destroy them carelessly, Mother Nature will give us major calamities in return.

You have heard many casualties and destroyed properties caused by big floods in many countries due to deforestation. Large areas of the forests have been destroyed all over the earth and if you scan the satellite assessment of deforested areas, you will see that there are only a few left of the green lands that we used to have.

Preventing wanton deforestation is a major concern these days in many parts of the world, but the means to implement it has remained controversial. The only key for survival of the forests is man, but there has to be a continuous program for orientation of man, giving emphasis to consequences of deforestation rather than financial motives.

Cutting of young trees for use as firewood and charcoal must be totally banned because it does not allow the trees to grow instead, they are cut prematurely. If 100 men cut 500 young trees in a day, just imagine the volume in one year. Big logging companies are involved in cutting of big trees for financial gains. They are not in the forest to preserve trees but to destroy them for money. Some of them are illegal loggers who are backed up by men of authority.

There has to be stiff penalties for people who are personally motivated on the destruction of the forests because if we don’t do that, they might totally vanish one day without our notice.

You can contribute in your own simple ways to preserve the forest by informing authorities of ongoing illegal cutting of trees in your area. Ask people to join you in the “Green Earth Movement”. You can approach your friends and neighbors about your initiative, or join the websites which are concerned on preservation of the environment.

In the absence of a large number of concerned people who have the same kind of interest for the good of humanity, your movement to halt and prevent deforestation could not win. Government support and the citizens’ participation can give a meaningful solution to the crucial problem of deforestation anywhere in the world. Planting of fast-growing trees is the best solution to replace the fallen trees and make the vast deforested areas and barren lands productive.