Artists Who Sell For A Millions

If you ever search a list of 10 most expensive paints ever, you will see a bunch of paints of these guys on the list.

1. Van Gogh

On most lists you will see at least three of Van Gogh’s pieces of art perfection. He also holds the achievement of selling the most ever expensive painting ever. He never achieved much when he lived, never sold much but when he died he became a millionaire. People realized his geniuses. The most expensive painting ever was the one of a doctor he use to visit. And the 4th most expensive is the one of Van Gogh himself (he’s self portrait). The painting of the doctor, was produced twice by Van Gogh. One hasn’t been around for years, but the other has moved a lot. During the world war, it was taken by Nazi Commander Hermann Goring. Then the Kramarsky’s acquired it, they sold it for 82.5$ million and that was in 1990. The buyer was a Japanese businessman Ryoei Saito. He went bankrupt and the bank acquired his painting. Gogh also holds the 8th most expensive painting Irises.

2. Renoir

His painting is the 2nd most expensive painting in the world. It was a painting about  a cafe, beautiful sunlight reflecting inside the cafe, with middle class people coming and eating galettes. It had many admirers in the Christie’s. But the many who bought the 2nd most expensive painting was the man who bought the 1st expensive painting. The price was an amazing 78.1$ million, by the same Ryoei Saito.

3. Picasso

Picasso can have 4 paintings out of 10, depending on how you look at it. His most expensive is a Blue Period work (1905) called the Marriage or Wedding of Pierette, he painted this when he was a poor man. His other paintings are Woman with Folded Arms(50$ million in 2000), a portrait of his mistress pre war Dora Maar(45$ million in 1999) and a sexy portrait of his other mistress Maire Therese Walter in a red armchair (44$ million in 1997. Though some of his paintings are thought not to be the original as the Marriage of Pierrette, the man who sold it for 51.72$ million was thought to have acquired the painting illegally. In 2000 the man was in trial.