Apartment Confusion

Apartment for Rent: 2 bedrooms 1 Bath. On second floor. No pets or smoking. Please call 855-3333.

How can an APARTment be on the second floor? Doesn’t the word apart mean away from others. It just does not make any sense what so ever to have apartments and have so many of them stuck together.

Well the truth is that they are apart. Yes I know that they are all stuck together with no yard in between. However, they do not share any rooms. Each and every single apartment in the apartment building has its own bedroom(s), bathroom(s), kitchen, and some even living room and dining room.

So technically they are all built together in one single building. But they are all separated by walls which allow them to be “apart.”

Some words just do not mean what they say. This word happens to mean what it says but also not mean what it says.

I don’t think the word apartment is quite as confusing as the word flat. Which is the word they use for apartments in the United Kingdom. I mean the apartments are not flat; they are actually three dimensional, with four walls that separate the ceiling and the floor.