Antiquity at Its best the Bombay Chest Way – An Unbiased Review

A chest is the first choice for complimenting a home décor. Nothing can just overvalue this piece of furniture. Bombay Chests are designed to bit the bill with utmost sophistication and style. There are variants of chests that you can purchase and place it in any part of the house. You can choose from painted Bombay chest, mirrored Bombay chest to even antique Bombay chest. Each chest is customized and individually designed to befit your most valued part of the house or apartment. This furniture adds pizzazz and class to your space. Apart from this, you can save a lot of space by storing your clothes, personal goods and your jewelries in the chest. Bombay chest of drawers is one of the designed chests that have many compartments and they are manufactured preferably to be placed in one’s bedroom or personal space. I prefer placing this variety in my foyer because I can then be able to tuck my keys, purse and other nick knacks all safe and sound. Accent Bombay chest of drawers is made for the purpose of storage.

Types of Bombay chests

Bombay chests are great piece of art that will adorn your bedroom especially with an air of décor, chic and class. You can place one of them next to your bedroom wall and increase its beauty by adorning the chest with some candles, lamps or you can even fill the wall adjoining this work of art with framed pictures, paintings etc. All these placements together will add a new and colorful life to your room.

You do not have to worry about the size of your room because these chests are available in all shapes and sizes, with several drawer options. They are more like dressers having squared and curvaceous lines with some real elegant designs on them. This is what makes it quite different from the regular dressers and the sole reason for their demand in the market. There are small Bombay chests, Bombay chest with marble tops and some that you can choose from various colors, like, red Bombay chest, black Bombay chest, white Bombay chest, cherry Bombay chest and more.

Collector’s Bombay chest

There are collections of original designer chest, like, Pulaski Bombay chest or Artist’s Originals that are known for their hand painted Bombay chest made from renowned and talented artists. The designs and paintings on these chests are in form of various shapes and forms, for example, stripes, floral, motifs, chinoiserie and some ancient art work too. These designer ones are more expensive and exclusive than the other Bombay chests and they are unique piece bearing its individual originality. They add bright and look to your room.

Bombay chest furniture is complimented with hardware, finished with metal antique, like brass, copper, silver or others, made with the finest woods ranging from the less expensive to the most expensive, like teak wood. The hand painted Bombay chests are the most popular and also expensive ones because they are part of the collector’s art and also antique most of the time. On the dependence of the work put into the chest and also the quality of the overall furniture, the price varies, which can be around $2,000 or more. But if you want to take the cheaper lane then you should visit the Bombay chest sale, where you can avail cheap Bombay chest or discount Bombay chest within convenient and reasonable price like $400 to $600. Bombay chests for sale can also be availed and taken complete advantage through carious websites online that have regular sales and auctions on these kinds of furniture and decorative pieces. Some of the best deals are made online, which I think is the most flexible way of getting everything you need with complete composure and satisfaction.

Rules and advice to be followed when making your purchase

There are some rules and advice to follow prior to your purchase because these are more like household investments that can either make your room look good or not. Whenever you are selecting a Bombay chest, whether a small Bombay chest, painted Bombay chests, black Bombay chests, French Bombay chest, marble top Bombay chest or Bombay chest nightstand you must always purchase from authentic dealers because there are many present in the market that dupe their customers with cheap Bombay chests or Bombay chest unfinished varieties. I have done through research and also coordinated and contrasted my room, keeping in mind the wall color, the room size etc prior to the purchase of the chest. So, you have to be cautious because there are varieties and numerous styles of Bombay chests available in the market that can make your mind go bonkers. All you have to is plan and prepare a list of features that you want your chest to have. With these details I’m sure you will be able to make a perfect choice.