Animals Who Were Celebrities

Sometimes our obsession with celebrities transcends species. We also love having famous animals. Animals who are unique or have special abilities, are often the ones that gain fame. Once that fame is gained they become worldwide celebrities since animal celebs are so rare. Here are a few stories of celebrity animals.

Tiao, the chimp

This chimpanzee led a quiet life at the Rio de Janiero zoo. His life soon became very public because he would enter a politic campaign. But before that he did gain some infamy among the population of Brazil for being the chimp that would throw his feces at visitors and howling at them furiously. A large group of people formed a political party named “The Banana Party”. The party’s leader was Tiao and he was running for mayor of Rio. At the votes he got a massive amount of support, 200 000 votes went to him. People did all this because of the distaste with the local leaders. The humility of a chimp being your rival candidate must have worked.

Tipper, the choker

Tipper was a handsome little homecat in Tampa, Florida. One day like all the days, he was home alone and he started biting on his flea collar. He soon swallowed much of the collar and started choking on it. And as he struggled around the house choking, he hit the phone during his struggle. He somehow hit the speed dial button which the owner had set to 911. The dispatcher heard the cat’s struggling meow’s and sent paramedics immediately. Tipper was saved by the medics and partially by himself.