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As the Roman Catholic Bible would narrate the beginning of life as well as of the world, human beings were created and co-existed with plants and animals.  We can immediately draw some wild guesses that the closeness between human beings and animals can be attributed to the length of their being together.  This marvelous bond between these creations have indeed come a long way and is surpringsingly great for this pact still exists amongst the modern virtual realities that are happening right now.

It is always amazing to see the happy people going round and about inside a zoo.  Children in particular are awed by the sight of such cute and huge animals.  They emit a certain glow once given a trip to their favorite zoo or pet shop.  A mere sight of a bird brightens up a kid’s day.  Grown-ups too are always in a learning mode each time an animal documentary is on the television.  Various advocates are currently into this “animal preservation” stuffs. Our leaders in the government continue to provide laws to fight the extinction of rare ones. Millions of experts are continuously discovering facts about animals every single day.  An angle or theory that involves the animals is always present in our science laboratories and books.  In a sense, a house without a pet cannot be considered a home.

Animals are probably the next best thing to human beings when it comes to the idea of existence and such other aspects.  Unfortunately, these animals are among those who have been continually victimized by selfish and abusive people.  The animals have been suffering long enough because of man’s “inhuman” activities.  Wide varieties of those are fast becoming rare due to extinction.  But before humanity’s next generation comes along, it would be at least, on our own little way preserve vital information on them and share the same as those next in line may not see and enjoy them anymore. (knock on wood…)

I was fortunate enough to visit some cyber zoos and gather some interesting, odd and funny stuffs about our favorite animals.  You may have already known some but it may be a new fact to others, so here it goes… (Let’s pretend that we are all on our first zoo trip and try to classify the animals according to what’s in front of us – in random)

Do you know that…….;


A.  Birds and anything that flies

  • The eye of the ostrich’s is much bigger than its brain (poor bird);
  • Nectar bats is recorded to have longest tongue amongst all mammals;
  • A total of 14 feet worms is just enough for a baby robin’s day;
  • Singapore is home to the world’s largest bird;
  • White eggs are what all owls produce;
  • The kiwi cannot fly and lays only a single egg yearly;
  • The Americans tried to train bats in World War II to drop bombs (then came batman….maybe);
  • Some birds from South America do breed in the summer in Canada;
  • When exiting a cave, bats always do turn left (one way, I guess);
  • Birds cannot go into outer space as they will die of choking (leave it to superman);
  • An additional pigeon must always be present when a female is about to lay eggs;
  • The feathers of a pigeon weigh more than its bones.
  • You can find 40 different muscles in a bird’s wing (now that’s a lot!).
  • Amongst any other bird, the Woodpeckers have longer tongues;
  • A “quack” (duck) does not echo; (hey Donald, you mind explaining this?);
  • Most bird’s babies are born with their eyes open;
  • The Flamingos live up to as long as 80 years.
  • The Philippines’ “Kalaw” bird makes a load noise each noon and known as the clock of the mountains; and,
  • Hens does not have any teeth;

B.  Mammals


  • The sometimes pesky rats cannot actually burp;
  • The only dog that is capable of getting gout is the Dalmatian;
  • Speaking of rats, their babies are called “pinkies”;
  • Some of the no-no’s to a dog as it is considered toxic is the Macadamia nuts;
  • The largest cat in the world is the Siberian Tiger;
  • 70% of a cat’s day is mostly spent on sleeping;
  • Koala bears and humans has one thing in common – their fingerprints can be mistakenly recognized;
  • Rabbits don’t and cannot vomit;
  • The ears of the elephant are used actually used to regulate its body temperature;
  • And these large mammals (elephants) do also cry;
  • During ancient times, captains of the ships maintain pigs on board (lucky charm?);
  • All mammals actually have tongues;
  • To protect themselves from sand in the deserts, Camels has three eyelids;
  • The actual length of a giraffe’s tongue is 18 to 20 inches long (tongue twister?);
  • A mere blink of a dog shows that he’s being friendly;
  • A strand of a Reindeer’s hair is as hollow as a tube;
  • It was in 1773 that the kangaroo’s first picture was seen;
  • They usually kept some cats in the Tower of London – Lions;
  • Bulls are basically colorblind and it is not the color that the matadors’ wave that makes them angry.  Its actually the matador’s motion;
  • One of the koala’s ancestors is the wombat;
  • And these animals actually spends 18 hours a day sleeping;
  • There are actually eight existing bear species all over the world;
  • Hippos are killer animals and have killed more African people than any other wild animal;
  • Hippos’ real name meaning is “river horse”;
  • A horse eats more of his weight.  A 1200-pound horse will eat about 7 times of his own weight yearly (Wow, that’s what I call an appetite!);
  • Apart from using it for its body temperature, the Elephant’s ear is so unique and can actually be used to identify fingerprints (take a look at this FBI guys);
  • Talk about maturity, the Elephants, by the time they are 13 or 14 years old, are believed to have reached their puberty;
  • It’s amazing that Cows really don’t have any upper front teeth;
  • Wild cats have scattered its 36 species all around the world; and,
  • An Elephant’s death is not caused by its old age but by his hunger (It’s feeding time!);

C.  Fishes and others that swim


  • Try this if you want:  hide a Goldfish in a room that is dark and the humble fish will eventually turn into white (Magic!);
  • The seahorse has approximately 35 species;
  • How loud a blue whale shouts – 188 decibels or more (Shhhhh!);
  • Pacific salmon has five species (delicious!);
  • Jaws’ killer whale can actually swim at a speed 50km/h or more;
  • 27,000 – number of taste buds that a catfish has;
  • The expensive Lobster was believed to be a food for poor people back then;
  • Talk about readiness, the Parrotfish have their own sleeping bags for them to doze on anytime they feel like;
  • Fish scales are the common ingredient present on some lipsticks;
  • Not all jellyfish has brains (they do?);
  • Shrimps are all born as males but some of them eventually grow to be females (sex change?);
  • The heart of a blue whale actually beats nine times per minute;
  • Man does not know that sharks cannot get sick of cancer;
  • It takes about two days out of the water before a climbing perch fish die;
  • For a shrimp, empty his head and you’ll get his heart;
  • Dissect a Starfish and you’ll find no brain; and,
  • But it can actually re-grow a torn arm (of the five?);

D.  Reptiles


  • The chameleons has tongues that are much longer than its body length;
  • “A terrible lizard”.  That’s what the word “dinosaur”  (Greek) actually means;
  • In swallowing large amounts of food, Kermit and his likes actually use their eyeballs (and the tongue for seeing?);
  • You can make faces with a croc as it cannot stick its tongue out in return;
  • Giving birth to as close as 200 is one of Puff Adder Snake’s amazing abilities (Better get her some nannies!);
  • The world’s largest Crocodile Farm can be found in Thailand;
  • With a slight resemblance to humans, Snakes are believed to continue to grow until the day they die;
  • New Zealand’s Tuatara lizards have three eyes.  Two at the center of the head and one at the top;
  • Arizona’s Gopher Snake are not poisonous but can imitate the hiss that a rattlesnake makes (copycat!);
  • A mallet chipping rock and a tinkling bell – that’s how a tree frog croak sound like;
  • The Caribbean islands lizard is 16-millimeter in length, the smallest reptile in the world;
  • Approximately two weeks is all it takes for the sloth to digest their food.

E.  Tiny little creatures (these one’s are noteworthy of their cruelties and killer instincts)


  • The lovely Butterflies actually has their sense of taste in their feet;
  • The praying mantis’ mating process starts with the female ripping her mate’s head off. (Ouch!) This is a fact because the male cannot “do” it with its head attached to his body (Shy, perhaps!);
  • A Person who is sensitive can be easily killed by Fire Ants (small wonders!);
  • Never let a honey bee sting you because the same dies after stinging;
  • It is true that Spiderman’s ancestors as well as himself, are not insects after all;
  • More the king sprees…The Black Widow female spider oftentimes devours on the male ones after mating;
  • “White man’s flies” are what the Indians call the Honey bees during those times.

There you are, a rundown on some of the millions of fascinating facts about our favorite animals, pets and not so “pet-table” creatures that have been together with us since time immemorial.  And please remember and always bear in mind to be kind to animals, please.

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  1. Ducks’ quack DOES echo. It was actually tested on a lab (dunno why, since it’s obvious it was just an urban myth).

    Just because that debunked myth is on the list, the whole list loses all its credibility.

  2. a male preying mantis can have sex without getting his head ripped off. it just increases the sperm count if he does. there’s a ton of gramatical errors.

  3. Superior Plumbing can’t get it right-they think orangutans are monkeys. Typing too fast,I didn’t notice I put too many m’s in the above letter. Well,nobody’s perfect (says Captain Spock in”Star Trek:2″). Except God.

  4. This is, quite frankly, a terrible article. I suggest publishing articles in your own language. Also, i noticed several pieces of incorrect information (eg. “not all jellyfish have brains.” None of them do). And sloths are not reptiles…

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