Animal Myths

We believe that cat’s have the best vision, dog’s have the best smell but now look onto some of the false beliefs of the society.

Myth: Bats are blind

Fact: Bats are not blind but see better in dark then in normal daylight.

Myth: Monkeys remove fleas from each others fur.

Fact: They do remove something similar, they remove dead skin, which they like to eat.

Myth: A Porcupine throws it’s quills at you when provoked.

Fact: No they don’t shoot it at anyone as a projectile, if caught they just tighten it.

Myth: Whales spout water from their blowholes.

Fact: No actually it is Air that they release but with all the water on it’s back it propels the water too. Making it look lie he’s releasing water.

Those are just a few of the most often ones I hear and wanted to clear out.