An Amazing Secret – Your Brain Has the Same Power with Albert Einstein

Is Albert Einstein a consistent genius throughout his life? The answer is no. In school, Einstein’s teachers considered him to be mediocre, yet he stands as one of the greatest geniuses the world has ever had.

In your case, your brain is trained to solve mathematical problems, but so much of life’s complications require emotional intelligence rather than rationale. You are often so busy thinking about a problem not even being able to begin solving it. But there are better ways of achieving a higher emotional intelligence of developing your creative mind, and finding new ways to solve your problems.

While ordinary reason will allow you to solve a linear mathematical problem, a creative brain will allow you to find amazing solutions that are beyond the reach of ordinary thinking.

We have all heard of left and right-brain functions and Emotional Intelligence has been touted as an important business tool, but most of us don’t know exactly how to enhance our brain’s power. We fail to acknowledge how to combat stress, increase productivity and boost creativity of our mind. We fail to think positively for a more productive and harmonious life at home and at work. These are simple ways of harnessing the brain power.

Great leaders like Ghandi and Nelson Mandela are not mathematicians. In fact, they may not be more intelligent than the rest of us, but they have a very special quality which is Emotional Intelligence. This allows them to approach problems with the right Emotional Attitude. Emotional Intelligence is not a gift for the few, but rather something that we all possess. Emotional Intelligence can be enhanced and encouraged through the right training.

A stressed brain is a brain in a handcuff. Learning practical steps to de-stress your brain will free your brain to think creatively and find positive solutions. Apart from enhancing your brain creativity, emotional intelligence will also harness your performance.

Improved Emotional Intelligence will increase creativity and productivity in the workplace, as well as minimize conflict. By knowing the power of the brain and how it responds to different emotional impulses, you can begin steering your brain consciously towards positive results. Positive thinking is not just a byword, it is an effective tool for coping with stress and realizing your goals.

While the brain needs oil and proteins, real Brain Food comes from stimulation and exercise. We all know the value of exercise for the body, but what is the right exercise for the brain? Exercising your brain is not sitting in front of a computer or even playing chess. In order to give your brain the exercise it needs, you need to do some Brain Exercise in the Gym.

Anger is the worst enemy of brain functions and turns us into impulsive cavemen.

Nelson Mandela was imprisoned for 27 years, but despite of 27 years of imprisonment, Nelson Mandela rose from prison to being one of the world’s most outstanding leaders we have seen. What’s amazing is that most of us are in fact prisoners of our own limited thinking; about who we really are, and what we are really capable of.

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  2. There is nothing new about it, He himself admited that he is as good as another person on the street, only diffrence is that he uses his brain 20 times more than ordinary person.
    Genrally a normal person uses about 2 to 5 percentage of their brain capacity. If he/she starts using 20% he/she will be called genius.
    Any comments would be appreciated……..

  3. This is a good article but it says nothing about how to better your own emotional intelligence or what kind of brain exercises benefit it – Lame

  4. I want to ask ,
    what is the reason behind those people who got natural powers like controlling things in the air with out touching,is this a really a brain power or a simple trick.

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