Alabama Laws

The law. This is one thing we should all obey in order to stay out of prison and avoid finding ourselves in a courtroom facing hefty fines and a criminal record. There are some laws in the world though that are utterly ridiculous and one has to wonder just what these lawmakers were smoking when they made them up. Some laws are strange purely because they are quite obvious and yet need to be said in order to prevent people from stating they had no knowledge that their acts were wrong or of poor judgement. Some laws though just make people scratch their heads and wonder what exactly occurred in the first place for these laws to be implemented. A great place to start with these stranger kinds of laws is Alabama. The first of these interesting laws is that it is illegal for a person to intentionally harm themselves in order to escape duty. This law means that disabling yourself on purpose to avoid legal duties or to obtain charitable reliefs is guilty of committing a felony.

#2. It is illegal to hold a bear wrestling match.

#3. It is illegal for a person to drive barefooted.

#4. Opening an umbrella on a street is considered an offense as it may spook horses.

#5. Marriages of Incest are LEGAL………

#6. It is illegal to impersonate a member of the clergy.

#7. It is illegal for fake moustaches to be worn which cause laughter during church.

#8. Dominoes are not to be played on a Sunday.

#9. Placing salt on a railroad track may be punishable by death.

#10. You are not permitted to have an ice cream cone in your back pocket at any given time.

#11. A driver is not permitted to be blindfolded whilst operating a vehicle.

These are just some of the quirky laws that apply to Alabama. Some of these laws may still be in place today although there is a high likelihood that the majority of them no longer apply. They have been placed here for your reading pleasure. There are also some more weird and wacky laws which apply to certain city sections in Alabama. Of course Alabama isn’t the only place with some rather interesting laws to abide by and more will be listed in other future articles.

Another thing to keep in mind is that many of these laws that are still considered to be current are actually not even enforced. The chances of spooking any horses in the street by opening an umbrella are not very high at all, if anything all of the cars on the roads would frighten a horse and they wouldn’t even notice the umbrella. The same goes with putting salt on railway tracks. I can’t honestly see a person being executed these days for doing so especially with so many horrible people in the world today who spend their lives on death row for the terrible crimes they have committed instead of facing the death penalty. Whether the law is in effect anymore or not does not really matter though, the interesting fact is that at some point in time the law was relevant and enforced and one ponders just what people were like to cause the laws to be written in the first place.