African Rulers Who Built Great Civilazitions

When the Europeans took over many Africans nations past empires were lost and so was it’s history. But not long ago we found out about some of the toughest African Nations before the colonization. Here are those three.

Usman Dan Fodio, in 1800s, this man was a teacher and preacher, he would dedicate his life to teach others about the Islamic religion. He accused the king of Gobir which is the current Nigeria, of not practicing the true Islamic religion. Eventually his movement spread and he gained enough support to overthrow the King. He put his sons in charge of the lands and ruling, he kept teaching his philosophy about his religion. But severe pressure from the British empire paid off in 1903, when they took every land ruled by Usman.

Shaka, was born in 1787 from a father and mother of two rival tribes. It broke taboo in the lands that they lived in, which is current South Africa. His mother’s tribe persecuted Shaka for his mother’s sin. Shaka decided to join his father’s tribe where he took his place as chief after his death. He was angry at his mother’s tribe for casting him off. Soon he had collected a huge army, which would destroy nearby clans and would take their remaining members, a bit like the Aztecs of North America use to do. Eventually Shaka destroyed all the tribes in South Africa and his mother’s which he didn’t like. He let the Europeans colonize, thinking the South African culture would stay stronger. Soon after the death of his murder he went insane, in 1827. His top officers and two half brothers assassinated him. The Zulu family died off in 1879 to the British Forces.

Samory Toure, a west African reformer, religious leader, military commando, Toure, was a Muslim from the village of Mande, in what today is Guinea. He built a rich kingdom, in which he traded gold, ivory for arms and such. He was afraid of the French who were conquering the lands around his Kingdom, he had numerous conflicts with them. But in 1883 he let them control his kingdom but later in 1891 he attacked them. Eventually they took everything he had, he left to make a kingdom on a coastal land further south but he was captured and exiled in Gabon.

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