Many people have addictions. It is not just the poor or downtrodden. All walks of society are affected. There are many addictions, drugs, alcohol, shopping, sex and many more. Addiction means the person has lost control when they use. Addiction can be physical, psychological or both. It can also have to do with genetics and environment. Some times the wrong role models can push a child into drugs. Peer pressure can definitely play a role.

With the amount of drugs and availability on the streets, it is a dangerous game. There are the non-functioning addicts. They have usually lost their job and use everyday. Then there are the functioning addicts who keep their job and relationships but their lives are suffering. I myself have a lot of experience with addictions. Most of my family has and does have issues with addiction. Addiction progresses over time and never gets better unless you decide to quit. However, quitting is not easy. It is a lifetime process to stay clean.

There are things you can look for in someone you think is using. These are both psychological and physical. A few signs are:

1. Withdrawal from friends and family
2. Loss of interest in activities
3. Stealing or selling belongings
4. Mood swings
5. feeling shaky or sick
6. Weight loss or gain

There are staggering facts when it comes to addictions. The fact is that many addicted people want to quit but they just do not know how. Many more men are addicted then woman. In Toronto alone more then seventy percent of the homeless population uses drugs. Along with that, almost fifty percent use crack cocaine. Almost forty percent of alcoholics will have a mental disorder sometime in their lives. Is it no wonder with all the alcohol in their systems?

The “reward” becomes greater then anything else and then there is the denial. We are all familiar with the phrase, “I don’t have a problem, I can quit anytime.” Yeah right! These people are really just fooling themselves. Unfortunately, many addicts have to hit rock bottom before they will quit. So what is rock bottom? Well for everyone it is different. For some it could be losing their house, their spouse, and their belongings. For others even becoming homeless has little effect on their thinking.

The problem is that if the addict cannot feel pain from their addictions then they will not seek help. It may come down to legal charges or an arrest to shake them from their stupor. If you know someone with an alcohol or drug problem, you definitely need to get help from organizations that know how to handle these situations. It is far too hard to try to handle the situation yourself. Many organizations that you can look for online would be very helpful.

However, remember that no matter how much you want to rescue and help the person they need to do it themselves. Unfortunately, we are an addicted society. We use alcohol and drugs to soothe our fears, anger and poor self-esteem. We fail to think that all these things only mask the problems and they are still there when we wake up and sober up!

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  1. With the word addiction other word which come to our mind is drug. But the real truth is there are other addictions. This article tell us about some addictions , symptoms and some corrective actions.

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