Acne: Squeeze or not to Squeeze

One of the worst things that can happen to a teenager is to have a severe case of acne. However, it is not the worst thing in this world. The worst thing is to have permanent scars as a result of it. For most people, it is hardly impossible to resist the temptation of squeezing pimples. Old people used to say that it was a good thing to squeeze pimples and blackheads to get rid of the “bad stuff” they had inside. However, today doctors and skin care professionals highly recommend acne sufferers to leave those poor infected pores alone. The question is to squeeze or not to squeeze. Maybe, by the end of this article you can make your own conclusions.

The truth is that there are several reasons for not popping your zits. The first reason for avoiding this habit is that it can lead to permanent scarring. Sometimes when you squeeze a pimple that is ready to blow up, or ripe as they say, nothing happens. However, if the pimple is not ready, you have to actually tear the skin to push its content outward. This leaves a small hole in your skin that sometimes will not go away. Some people are lucky enough and do not get any scars resulting from their past acne conditions but most people do. Therefore, the risk of permanent scarring is an important reason to keep you fingers away from your face.

The second most important reason for you to avoid touching your pimples and blackheads is the risk of spreading bacteria. Remember that pimples are pores that are clogged so that the sebum underneath the skin cannot go out. Being unable to move outward, the sebum remains there and bacteria form inside the pore. When you squeeze a pimple, you carry bacteria in your fingertips all over the face, causing more acne in different parts of your face. Additionally, you already had bacteria in your fingers if you did not wash your hands before popping your zits. Therefore, you are adding more bacteria to an already infected pore. When you try to squeeze an unripe pimple, you will notice that its content will not come out, and you only delay the healing process. This is due to the fact that as you press and unripe pimple, the only thing you do is to press the infected sebum even deeper into the skin, causing more internal bacteria spread and infection.  It sounds awful, doesn’t it?

However, unable to stop acne sufferers from squeezing their pimples, doctors have devised methods to “correctly” squeeze pimples. How?  Well, they give you some steps that you must follow if you want to squeeze your pimples without suffering the awful consequences mentioned above. Number one priority is to wash you hands before squeezing a pimple, specially cleaning your nails and fingertips. You have to repeat this process between one squeeze and the other. Another highly recommended step is to squeeze them only of they are ripe and you can see the white head at the top of the pimple. They also suggest the use of sterile gloves or gauze. These are some of the steps but you can do some research to learn how to squeeze them properly.

Acne is certainly a serious problem for those who suffer it, and can even lead to low self-esteem and even depression. Luckily, there are many ways to get rid of it and avoid permanent scarring. Maybe after trying to follow all the steps to squeeze your pimples the right way, you can avoid these awful consequences, or you just get tired of those long, boring procedures to pop your zits and you finally kick the habit.

12 thoughts on “Acne: Squeeze or not to Squeeze”

  1. Nah, I’ll keep zapping them like I always have. leaving them alone just makes the contents turn hard inside, or worse – becomes infected & works its way deeper.

    Besides, the white stuff is great filling for Oreo’s & Twinkies. Or so I’ve heard. : P


  2. Good article, except that it is opinion and not a rule to follow. Different things work for different people. I have an acne maybe not very severe one but it still bothers me. However, if i hadn’t pressed my white heads i bet i would look worse now. Btw in some countries they have treatments when they basically put you on steam mask which makes your blackheads and spots come out and just squeeze them all out and believe it or not it is most effective way to treat them. Afcours if you are teen like me the acne will come back in few months and you need to do it again but i think it is fastest way to clear your face out. I been there and honestly 10/10. :) So point is that when you squeeze them out right it deffinetly isn’t bad. :P

  3. and anyway to remove scars ???? I have one and don’t want to have surgery to remove it, I mean a treatment with some medications ??

    please answer ???

  4. @someone scars usally fade away sometime or maybe even a long time for it to but, to remove them 100% i don’t there is a way but trust me use some medication like benzoyl ointment from your doctor and the scar will be wayyyyy less visable than it was before.

  5. I was told by a doctor if you squeeze a pimple you may spread bacteria under the skin. I knew someone who had a boil rupture and it caused him to be crippled because of the infection.

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