About Me

I am from Canada and a student taking up Computer Science.  As an active guy at 22, I find it wholesome and worthwhile to create blogs which may be of interest to you as readers.  As a student who values time preciously, I devote my available time to write articles on subjects that I find fascinating such as Math, Physics, etc.  Chess is my favorite game and I’m proud to excel in this field.

My passion for sharing invaluable knowledge and information gathered from high school books which I read thoroughly as a voracious reader, led to the rise of Stumblerz.  All the studies that I learned in high school are presented in this blog and researches are constantly conducted to update the information and maintain precision on records of specific events.

In the advent of numerous blogs existing online, I am pleased to inform you that my blog started only with 1-2 visitors a day rising to a fantastic level of 2,000 visitors per day from all over the world.  This volume of visitors represents satisfied and curious people who have the same line of thinking and interest as I do.

A great number of visitors are students who use this blog as reference in their assignments in school and to enhance their knowledge in various subjects such as Math and Physics.  Newcomers who were referred by regular visitors are fascinated with the way things are going in this blog.

I combine fun, facts and figures in my presentation to make it more interesting and livelier to study even the most difficult subjects in school.  I believe that this kind of approach is more effective than the formal school of thought which is focused mainly on the traditional blackboard-teacher method of teaching.

As an expert chess player, I’d love to share my tricks to the readers to enhance their capability in playing chess and provide the basics for learning chess to neophytes.

In the nearest future, I plan to write articles on interesting topics of Hollywood and other controversial subjects which will surely arouse your interest.

If you want an entertaining blog that caters to your needs in school and you have no time to render a meticulous research, try this blog.  If you think the subject is so difficult that cannot be answered by your parents, don’t bug them; just refer to this site.

If you have friends who are studious but cannot find the answers in books and other reading materials, let me handle that at your utmost satisfaction.

This blog is a one-man conquest to solve those problems in Math, Physics and related subjects in education.

If you have any question or feedback, please contact me.