Abduct Date

Blind dates are not something that we can all say we have participated in at some time in our lives but they do happen and the most common form of a blind date is the first date between two people who are meeting in person for the very first time after only knowing each other over the internet. With such advances in technology in recent times it is very simple for people to be deceptive about their looks and their personality and even their identity. In the wonderful world of the internet you can simply be whoever you want to be.

Everyone has as some point in their lives, experienced a bad date that was just plain boring or absolutely catastrophic. A boring date, a self indulged date or someone who claims they want to marry you on the very first date can make you want to run for the door as quickly as your legs will take you. Wouldn’t it be much easier if you just didn’t bother showing at all? Well of course yes it would be much easier that way, the people you meet on the internet can be rather unsavoury and unless you are willing to fork out the money for a background check it will be hard to know just who you are dealing with, and even then you can only have success in gaining relevant information from a background check if they have actually given you their real name in the first place.

After spending so much time on the internet chatting away and organising to meet in person though just how do you let them down and change your mind? What is the best way to let the other person know that the date is off without hurting the other person or giving them false hopes? Well this is a dilemma many people in online relationships face and there are many ways to do so. The best thing to do would be to be straight up and honest about the situation and admit that you aren’t ready to take that step yet or make up some excuse to move it to another date. There are things you should not do when it comes to cancelling a date though. One big no no is abduction.

Yes, a young woman had found herself in an online courtship with a man and the couple had made plans to meet one another in reality away from the cyber world. The woman had changed her mind and decided that she would need a really good excuse that the man could not possibly argue with in order to get out of the date so what did she do? Well the woman told her date that she had been abducted. Instead of flying to Kansas City to meet up with her cyber boyfriend, the woman simply did not board the plane and instead made a phone call to the man and his mother and informed them that she had been abducted upon landing in Kansas City. In a whirlwind of worry, the man and his mother contacted police as you would, and an extensive search for the woman was mounted. The woman was found at home alive and well and certainly not being held captive by anything other than her own stupidity. The search came in at a cost of over $10,000 which the woman will be required to pay back in restitution on top of community service if she is found to be guilty.