A Night at the Oscars

A Night at the Oscars

Its official, the 2009 Oscars are now a thing of the past. Millions of movie lovers found themselves on the edge of their seats, eagerly awaiting the outcome. Were you among them?
Today, the Oscar buzz can be heard from coast to coast and beyond. Everyone is talking about who won and those who weren’t so lucky. They are dying to find out who made the best (and worst) dressed list and all of the juicy backstage happenings.

Here are a few interesting facts about the 81st Annual Academy Awards… a wildly memorable event for everyone involved.

ABC is still waiting on the official count, but is predicting that viewership was up by at least 6%. It is estimated that almost 34 million viewers tuned in, for at least part of the broadcast.

Sexy Hugh Jackman hosted the festivities. Up until now, he had only had the pleasure of being a presenter. He was very dashing, to say the least.

There are no two ways around it, ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ ruled the Oscars, winning a total of 8 awards. Actually, this feat is really not that much of a surprise when you consider all of the buzz and well deserved attention the film has generated.

Winning the ‘best director’ category, Danny Boyle, bounced up and down in true Tigger fashion as he accepted his award. His children were thrilled that their father finally made good on that long-standing promise.

(SM has made an additional 54 million dollars since it’d late January nomination… bringing the total to a hefty 98 million.)

Kate Winslet FINALLY won an award (for The Reader) after receiving a total of six nominations, throughout the course of her career.

She had no problem admitting that she has be practicing an acceptance speech, in one form or another, since she was 8 years old. She did so in front of her bathroom mirror, holding a shampoo bottle trophy. Way to go, Kate!

As many in the industry had predicted, Heath Ledger won an award for his portrayal as ‘the Joker’ in The Dark Knight. Because of his unfortunate demise, his young daughter has claim on his prize. (Her mother will pass the Oscar on to her when she is of legal age.)

There were, reportedly, no fistfights at the event. In fact, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer were all able to keep the peace, for the entire evening.

When it comes to the night’s best dressed and worst dressed celebs, many different lists have already surfaced. This gives even more credibility to the saying ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder’ doesn’t it?

Those who received a definite ‘thumbs up’ include: Angelina Jolie, in a stunning black Elie Saab gown and no-so-matching emerald green earrings and Meryl Streep who wore a flowing, off shoulder, chiffon creation.

Two stars that seem to have lost their fashion sense, at least momentarily, include Beyonce who was wearing a black and gold mermaid dress and Tween Queen, Miley Cyress, whose gown could have easily been mistaken for a Christmas tree. Eggnog, anyone?