A Few Fishy Stories

Many people around the world enjoy the sport of fishing. It can be very exciting and serene at the same time, depending on how and where you decide to fish. Sitting by a pond on a sunny day can be very relaxing, and if you are lucky enough to hook into a fish that’s just icing on the cake. On the flip side perhaps you want to try deep sea fishing and depending on what you hook into, it could take you hours to bring in just one fish. Needless to say there are many stories associated with fishing, like the one that got away, and fisherman are known to sometimes exaggerate about the size of their fishing conquests. Here a couple of humorous stories about fishing that any angler will enjoy.

A Fishermans Tale

One day a man went fishing, and after sitting under the hot sun all day long, he didn’t catch a single fish. Before leaving the house earlier he had bragged to his wife that he would catch some fish for dinner that evening, and not wanting to look like a fool, he decided to stop by the local fish store on the way home.

Now he didn’t really want to lie to his wife, so he picked out four large salmon and told the clerk to throw them at him. The clerk looked at him funny and asked the man “why on earth do you want these fish thrown at you sir” The man grinned and replied “this way I can tell my wife I caught them without lying.”

The clerk then smiled and said “well I suggest you take one of the trout as well because your wife called earlier and said when you came by she wanted trout for dinner”

Food For Thought

In a small town a local fish merchant had a reputation as being very smart and quick witted, and one day a regular customer asked him what made him so smart. The merchant looked around and whispered quietly “ I usually never give away my secret, but being as your are such a good customer I will tell you, it’s the eating of fish heads, and the more you eat, the smarter you will become”

The man wasn’t sure whether to believe him or not but asked the merchant if he sold this wonder food. “Of course” he replied “and they are only $4 each” The customer decides to give it a try and buys five of them. He comes back a few days later and tells the merchant that not only were the fish heads disgusting to eat, but he didn’t feel any smarter. “You must not be eating enough of them” says the merchant, prompting the man to buy ten more.

Another week goes by, and this time when the man returns to the shop he is a little upset because he had learned that even though he was paying $4 for each fish head he could have bought the whole fish for only $2! The merchant looks at him, smiles and says “SEE YOU ARE GETTING SMARTER ALREADY”

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