A few cents and not enough sense

These days when the costs of living are ever increasing and the weekly trip to do the grocery shopping has become a painful chore, it is a delight to get even the slightest discount. Most people will take whatever price reduction or incentive that they can possibly get their hands on just to help ease the burden.

Many grocery chains have their own store rewards cards which are registered to the shoppers and store their contact details such as names, address and telephone numbers as well as storing points or entries onto the cards which can be used for various rewards as well as added discounts. With the economic conditions around the world at present it comes as no surprise to learn that incidents of theft, credit card fraud and also welfare fraud are becoming more and more common. One woman decided that she just didn’t have enough money these days and that she was sick and tired of the bare essentials when it came to doing her weekly grocery shopping. But what’s a woman to do when she desires more during her weekly shop and yet can’t afford it as she’s barely scraping by as it is?

Well where most people would simply suggest getting a job or applying for some extra assistance elsewhere this woman had a different money making method in mind instead. The woman decided that the best way to get what she wanted was by committing credit card fraud. The woman got a hold of a stolen credit card. Whether she stole the card herself or she just simply came to possess it somehow is not currently known but either way she had someone else’s credit card, someone else’s money, and decided to use it as her own. The woman then took this card and went to do her weekly grocery shopping with a few extra luxury items in order to spoil herself as she felt she deserved a little bit of pampering. What makes this story so funny is that she probably could have and would have gotten away with it if she hadn’t been so cheap and desperate to save a few cents.

The woman finished her grocery shopping and proceeded to the checkout. Once the cashier had put all of the groceries through the woman decided to use her grocery discount card before paying for the shopping with the stolen credit card. This was a huge mistake on her part. Once the card had been reported stolen and the police had been involved in the incident it did not take long for the credit card statement to show the unauthorised charge at the grocery outlet. This could have been the end of the story if the woman had been more cautious and aware of her actions. Because the charge had been made to the credit card and the woman had swiped her grocery discount card at the same time it was very easy for the police to identify her as being the person who had possession of and had utilised the stolen credit card. The woman was charged with credit card fraud and possession of stolen property and had to pay back what she had spent and then some extra on top. I wonder if the few cents discount was worth it now in retrospect?