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2888297600_a99a95bf41After listening to Daniel Powter’s “Bad Day” and really having it after a busy day’s work, Makes me want to think, ponder and say: “… wish I was a kid.”  Without ever having to worry on almost everything – did my Powerpoint presentation did well enough to satisfy my boss and our potential clients? Do I still have enough credit in my credit card? Why did she (my fiancée) suddenly dumped me?  Was it because of my Robert Downey, Jr. hairstyle? Again, I wish I was a kid.  As one, all I ever thought about was having fun.  It does not matter if those I considered fun could earn me a combination of a scold and a spanking or a never-ending series of “lectures in life 101”.  Nevertheless, it has been always a part of the learning process that a child has to undergo.  As a child would put it, “…it is ‘it’.”  And while wondering about boarding Doc Brown’s time machine (Back to the Future), I’ve tried to note some interesting fun facts for kids and for grown-ups and for the kids at-heart.

Obviously, kids are worry-free and to them, there seems to be no serious matter.  They can even laugh immediately after crying.  With this, let’s make fun of the serious stuffs grown-ups are or were known for.   It’s time to look and dissect the kids in them.  Let’s look at grown-ups’ Laws as a start.  According to the Yahoo Kids dictionary (kids.yahoo.com), Law is defined as a procedure or a rule of conduct that is established by an authority, an agreement, or a custom.  By just merely looking and staring at the meaning … it really is “serious”.  A four year-old child would sure ignore this definition and meanings etcetera thing, but the following won’t.

Dumblaws.com lists some, if not all, of the present and in effect odd laws that the world has. Serious as it may, it’s all fun facts for kids and for the kids at heart.  Some of these funny and odd that the kids, err, the lawmakers did are:

United States of America (USA).  In the state of Alabama, they have an odd law that prohibits one to drive barefooted.  They too prohibit the opening of an umbrella on a street for it may poke not a person’s eyes but a horse’s.   American Idol wannabes must stay out of North Carolina for it is against their law if you sing off key.  Their lawmakers must have watched too much horror flicks for it is unlawful for anyone in their area to visit their departed loved ones in the middle of the night.  Our gambling pals at Elko, Nevada seemed to “overact” the Carnival of Venice by requiring everyone to wear masks while walking down the street.  And kids, it is considered illegal in the Big Apple (New York) to throw a ball at someone’s head for the sake of fun. (I guess the one who made this law was thrown at himself sometime!)  And since its New York, Carmel City finds it unlawful for a man to go out wearing pants and a jacket that don’t match. (Now that’s what I call “fashion sense”!)  Encyclopedia Britannica execs cant sell much of their products in Texas because it is banned there for it contains formulas for making a “home-made” beer.  In Washington, kids are furious because all lollipops are banned.  Spokane County in Washington laws also says that you cannot buy TVs on Sundays.  And talk about “looks”, its unlawful at Wilbur City to ride an ugly horse!

Funny as it may, there are also “but of course!” (As kids would put it) laws.  A South Carolina law prohibits the keeping of horses at one’s bathtubs.  In Marion City, Oregon, it is illegal to eat a doughnut and walk backwards on a city street.  In Portland, it is a must for shoelaces to be tied while walking down the street.  And here’s one of my favorites from the same city: People may or must not whistle underwater!

I just happen to wonder what’s inside the minds or whatever happened to our lawmakers in coming up with these laws, but I’m pretty sure they have their own “kids” way.  And you think “grow-up kids” are just located in the US?  It’s a worldwide epidemic, actually.

Our Chinese friends has a law saying that persons must only bear one child or risk the paying of fines (talk about population explosion, China has one of the largest).  And in order for one to go to college and earn a degree, he or she must be intelligent. (That’s aside from being able to speak Chinese).  In the land of the Rising Sun, Japan, there is no age of consent (talk about freedom!).  Finland taxi drivers must pay royalties if they opt to play music inside their cabs.  One of the laws in Canada says that it is illegal to climb trees. Our Singaporean lawmakers have Acrophobia (fear of heights) as Singapore finds Bungee jumping illegal.  And kids, you can’t find a single gum for sale in Singapore because its sale is strictly prohibited.

The Netherlands has some “leeway” to their laws as for them; it is legal to smoke pot as well as the practice of prostitution.  It further says that prostitutes must first pay taxes, just like any other business.  Another favorite:  In Switzerland, it is considered illegal to flush the toilet after 10 p.m.  In Australia, only licensed electricians are allowed to change a light bulb.  Our South African guy tells that you need to procure a license first before buying or purchasing a television set.  Lovers from France have their own ideas as they have a law which says that is illegal to kiss in the railways of France.  They classify an ashtray as an illegal weapon (Ouch!).  Meanwhile, a New Brunswick law states that driving on the roads is not allowed. (Now that’s ‘kinda weird, don’t you think?)

But no matter how we look at it, the law is the law and will remain as the law.  Funny and dumb as it may sound, it is still the law.  We must try to realize that these types of laws are made in accordance to its necessity.  Singaporeans may have found an adverse health effects on gums, enough reason for them to ban its sale.  We should take into consideration that they (laws) were made on a case-to-case basis.  They were formed to suit different needs of a certain group of people, and to some extent, maybe to bring out the kids in us. (Now that’s serious kidding!)

Now, more of the fun stuff for kids…Let’s try placing a kid’s smile on other serious topics….History perhaps.  Thatsweird.net states that during the 1500s, people took bath yearly, mostly in the month of May.  Nevertheless, guys then still smelled good and women do carry a bunch of flowers while walking around to hide their “smell”, thus giving way to the idea why brides carry a bouquet when getting married.

During World War II, the only thing that got killed when the Allies first dropped its bomb in Berlin was an elephant.

“Snipers” got its name when 19th century British soldiers tested their marksmanship in India by hunting an elusive bird named Snipe.

And did you know that there were two dogs that survived the sinking of the Titanic?  Not one but two.  It was a Pomeranian and a Pekinese.  The former was owned by Miss Margaret Hayes of New York and the latter was of Henry Sleeper Harper’s.  They were brought by their owners in lifeboats No. 7 and 3, respectively. (comedy-zone.net)

There are also fun facts for kids when it we speak of various nations.  The national anthem of Greece has 158 verses but no one in Greece memorized all 158 of them.  Our Disney favorite, Donald Duck and its comics were once banned from Finland because of the reason that he doesn’t wear trousers.

People too have their own share of the limelight.  It’s a funny fact that the English Novelist Virginia Woolf wrote all her books in an uncompromising situation-standing.  It was the American president Tyler who has the most children.  He had 14.  And did you know that he youngest Pope was only 11 years old?  The painting “Mona Lisa” has actually, a fashion sense.  Her eyebrows are shaved just like the other women who were painted at that time for it was a fad during those times.  Moreover, if you were to go back some 3000 years ago, Egyptians would consider you old and dead if your 30 years old.  And here’s one for the record:  during the 1800s if you failed on a suicide attempt, you will have to face the death penalty!

The world of sports has its own version of fun facts (funfactz.com).  While on the job, do you know that major league baseball umpires are required to wear black underwear?  In 1937, cheetahs, yup, you read it right, cheetahs were raced at Romford greyhound stadium.  That the word “face-off” in hockey was originally called “puck-off”.  And three consecutive strikes in bowling is called “turkey”.  Lastly, (I like this one) the king of hearts is the only king without a moustache in a standard playing card. (See for yourself).

Our friends in space also have funny facts for kids.  It was only the sport golf that was played on the moon.  While in space, astronauts cannot burp, they likewise get taller and can’t obviously be seen crying.  Their hearts too gets smaller while in space.

Now, on to the weird but funny facts about everything….Do you know that 99% of people cannot lick their elbows?  An airport in England used to blast Tina Turner songs on their runways just to scare birds away. (Whew!)  And that, months that begins with a Sunday will surely have a Friday the 13th? How about the fact that real diamonds can be made from peanut butter?  It is also a fact that rubberbands last longer when refrigerated.

Well, with all those mentioned and exposed above; no matter how true or how well each fact is supported or documented, serious and dumb as it maybe or absurd as it may sound, we people have our own way of looking back and searching the funny kid in us as reflected by the above facts.  It’s not evil by the way, for it further rejuvenates our serious, technology-driven and complicated lives.  Finally, I’m bound to state a true fact (a kids’) that Jesus Christ said:  “Assuredly, I say to you, whoever does not receive the kingdom of God as a little child will by no means enter it.” (Mark 10:15 New King James version).

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