9 Tips for Making Your Home More Welcoming to Guests

Do you love having guests stay at your home but you worry that your home may not feel like “home” to them?  Follow these suggestions and before you know it, your guests won’t want to leave.  For our first tips, we will assume that you have a guest room.  If you don’t have one, do not worry, we will include tips for making the rest of your home so inviting that guests won’t even mind sleeping on an air mattress or pull-out sofa.

First, if you have a guest room, make sure there is space in the room for your guests to store their belongings.  This includes closet space as well as a dresser or other piece of furniture with empty drawers.  If you really want to please your guests, consider our second tip.  Hang a few simple shelves on the walls where they can store items they need to keep handy such as a book or car keys.  Speaking of books, our third suggestion is to provide your guests with some books and magazines on a range of topics in the guest room.  If your guest forgot a book or just needs to unwind before going to sleep, he’ll have something to keep him entertained.

Your guest will also appreciate it if you include a few creature comforts in the guest bedroom.  This brings us to tip number four which is to make sure there is at least one mirror in the guest bedroom.  It doesn’t have to be large and in fact, if you hang a mirror it can make the room look larger.  If you can, take our fifth suggestion, which is to provide comfortable bedding.  Don’t give your guest flat, worn-out pillows or itchy sheets.  Treat him to high thread-count sheets and fluffy pillows and a high quality comforter.  Make him feel as if he’s sleeping at a five-star hotel!  Our sixth suggestion is to not neglect your guest bedroom.   Of course you should make sure it is neat and clean but also make sure that it is as tastefully decorated as the rest of your home.  It doesn’t have to be extravagant but adding some soft color to the walls and some curtains to the window, as well as some basics like a clock can go a long way towards making your guests feel welcome.

If you don’t have a guest bedroom, don’t fret.  We have some excellent suggestions that require just a little bit of effort but will make your guests feel like royalty.  For tip number seven, we suggest that you provide your guest with a comfortable bathrobe and disposable slippers.  Most people who have limited space in a suitcase don’t bother packing a big heavy robe.  By providing one, you eliminate any awkwardness your guest might feel about walking between the bedroom and the bathroom.  Eighth, keep towels, washcloths and anything else your guests might need within sight and available.  You can do this by putting out a basket with these items and maybe even add trial-sized shampoo, conditioner and lotion for your guests to use.  Also make sure you have plenty of toilet paper and tissues on hand.  Finally, at number nine keep candy or other snack foods out where your guests can access them so they can help themselves whenever they need a snack.  If you follow these tips, your guests will think you are a very thoughtful and welcoming host, people will be happy to stay at your home and they will want to come to visit you again and again.