8 Tips to Make Your Home Look Hot in 2009

If you want your home to look like the hottest interior decorators have personally styled it, follow these tips.  For the first tip, start in your dining room.  Believe it or not, matching chairs at your dining room table are out.   Look at secondhand stores and inexpensive retailers for chairs that have something in common – be it color or shape or something else.  This will give your dining set a unique look while still being cohesive.  The second tip is to include shades of grey or coral in your decorating.  Colors in the grey and coral family are very in right now for both furniture and paints.

Next take a walk into your kitchen where you can implement tip number three.  If you want to replace your kitchen appliances, once again consider shopping at a secondhand store or even garage sales.  Old model appliances from as far back as the 1940s are hot.  Older appliances are often more durable than their modern equivalents and with a fresh coat of bright paint, they will look incredible.  You’re also helping to keep them out of landfills and you can feel good about that!  While we’re on the topic of your kitchen, stainless steel appliances are on their way out.  People want to feel more at home and stainless steel gives a kitchen an institutional feel rather than a warm feeling.  Also for the kitchen is the fourth tip, which is to consider alternatives to granite and marble countertops.  Granite and marble countertops are beautiful but they are on the outs because they are both expensive and not very environmentally-friendly.  More natural alternatives which are just as lovely, such as soapstone, are now in.

You probably have not given any thought to your garage doors but these are actually the subject of the fifth tip.  Decorative garage doors are in and plain doors are out.  Look for doors with stylized windows and other features.  If you really want your house to keep up with the times, take our sixth suggestion and lighten up.  More specifically, the heavy and bulky furniture that was in a few years ago is now out.  When you buy furniture, look for pieces that are literally light – ones that you can easily pick up and move around.  Not only will your home look stylish but your back will thank you for it.

Next up, at number seven is creating a luxurious bedroom.  The trend is for people to create a truly luxurious bedroom with luxury bed linens, numerous pillows and a top-end mattress.  Eighth, people are no longer buying things just because they look good.  People are buying things that are practical and well-made and that will last a long time.  Keep this in mind whenever you are making a purchase for your home this year.

Our list wouldn’t be complete without a little green up at number nine.  We don’t mean the color – we mean being eco-friendly.  Using organic and renewable materials for everything from linens to flooring is definitely in, as are house wares that are colored with nontoxic dyes.  Homemade crafts and décor are also in, as is simplicity. Keep these tips in mind the next time you are shopping for your home and you will be sure to have the hottest house on the block!