8 Companies Name Origins

Ever wondered how some huge multi million companies got their names ? Here are a few of those…

Adidas/Puma: Was at first known as the Dassler Brother’s Shoes before the world war. It was named by the two brothers, Adolph and Rudi Dassler. After the war the two broke their partnership and went their own ways. Rudi would call his new company, “Puma” and Adi would call it Adidassler.

Pennzoil: In early 1900s, two big oil companies merged together, Merit Oil and Panama Oil. Their new name would be Pennsoil but as the time went on people would pronounce the “S”  like a “Z”. So in 1914 they officially changed the “S” to a “Z”.

Lysol: The famous house disinfectants, is short for lye solvent.

Mazda: The Zoroastrian god of light.

Nissan: Derived from a Japanese saying ” nissan snagyo”, which stands for Japanese Industry.

Isuzu: A famous truck manufacturer from Japan, the name means 50 bells in Japanese.

Magnavox: Magnavox created of many hardware in the late 90s. Got their name from latin. Magnavox stands for great voice in latin.