7 Peculiar Facts About Hitler

Hitler was undoubtedly one of the most horrifying dictators in the history of world. While it is quite well-known that Hitler was an eccentric individual, there are peculiar facts associated with him that are often ignored. Let us discuss, 7 such peculiar facts about Hitler.

Hitler was exceptionally particular about his physical appearance

While there is no two ways about the fact that every normal individual likes to look his/her best, Hitler was extremely particular about his physical appearance. He was especially particular that no one should see him naked or bathing. He never took his coat off in public, even during extremely hot weather conditions. He had a strong disliking for perfumes and colognes and never used them.

Hitler was once in love with his own niece

Geli, one of Hitler’s lovers, was Hitler’s half sister’s daughter. She was killed when she was 23, however, since all the evidences pointed towards Hitler, the murder was recorded as a suicide.

Hitler was a man with only one testicle

The common conception is that Hitler had reasonably large gonads. However, in actuality, Hitler was man with a single testicle. Many historians are of the belief that Hitler was injured during WWI, and had to get one of his testicles removed.

Hitler was a chronic hypochondriac

Hitler was psychological about acquiring unusual diseases, and often diagonised himself with atypical health conditions, especially intestinal disorders. He even treated these medical conditions himself with the help of strange medications.

Hitler- a man of bizarre desires

It might sound implausible, but many historians cited in their records that Hitler was a man of bizarre sexual desires. He specifically liked being defecated and urinated on in the bedroom.

Hitler’s first love was a Jewish girl

Hitler was only 16 when he fell in love with a Jewish girl named Stefanie Isak. There are many records which are of the belief that Hitler was extremely obsessed with this girl, and often thought of killing himself, as well as her, for love.

The idea of blow-up dolls was invented by Hitler

Hitler was against his men getting physically or emotionally involved with foreign women, and this is one reason why, he brought the whole idea of blow-up dolls into place. He actually expected his men to fulfill their needs and be satisfied with plastic bodied dolls.

The above are just a few facts about the eccentricity of Hitler, it would be very apt to say that there was almost nothing which was normal about Hitler.